The Often Sold-Out Hair Growth Serum That Amassed an 18,000-Person Waitlist Is at Its Lowest Price Ever

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Grab the “holy grail” serum while it’s 30 percent off.

<p>Instagram @actandacre</p>

Instagram @actandacre

Some items are so hard to come by that when they’re available, you get in line and wait to buy them. One year my dad sat out in front of a Best Buy on a snowy Black Friday to secure a Wii for Christmas and, just a few weeks ago, New York fashion girls wrapped around city blocks to get a look inside of Chloë Sevigny’s closet sale. And in recent years, there’s been one hair serum to amass that same sort of following, with the often sold-out Act + Acre Stem Cell Scalp Serum at one point boasting an 18,000-person waitlist.

Given how increasingly common hair loss has become (genetics, stress, COVID — the list goes on), it’s not shocking that the serum shoppers claim reduced their hair shedding in just two became so hard to come by. But heading into Memorial Day Weekend, the serum is back in stock and is at its lowest price ever at 30 percent off.

<p>Act + Acre</p>

Act + Acre

Shop now: $60 (Originally $86);

The Stem Cell Scalp Serum is formulated with swiss apple stem cells, which has been shown to lessen shedding by 34 percent in just one month while promoting a longer hair follicle growth phase, per the brand. And, according to Act + Acre, bamboo and pea extract are added to keep that growth phase consistent for long-term results while aloe vera is there to soothe the scalp.

Despite only launching in the last few years (and consistently being sold out), this growth serum already has more than 1,000 five-star ratings. At Act + Acre, shoppers have started calling it their “holy grail” product. “[I] can’t live without it,” raved one customer who said that it made their hair feel “more dense” and new growth “much healthier.” Another person wrote that it “saved” their scalp. “I was losing a lot of hair and couldn't tell why…[but] three months in and my hair is [back to] how it used to be,” they wrote, adding that in addition to increased thickness, their curls returned. And one person who was experiencing postpartum shedding said that after using this serum, they noticed not just “a lot less hair fallout,” but also “new growth.”

Given that this is the lowest the Stem Cell Scalp Serum’s price has ever been and that it’s not always in stock, the odds of it selling out are pretty high. So grab the thickening serum at 30 percent off loved by more than 1,000 shoppers while you can.

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