It’s Official: Cheerleaders Take the Best Wedding Photos

Kelsey and Brandon Lange at the top of the stunt. (Photo: Crystal Moran Photography)

Kelsey and Brandon Lange got married on July 1. They celebrated at the Bluegrass Wedding Barn in Kentucky, with beautiful scenery, friends and family, and, of course, cheerleading stunts. Yes, cheerleading stunts.

Crystal Moran Photography took all the awesome photographs at the event, which were posted to her Facebook page just one day after the nuptials. And while all of the images are Southern, serene, and emblematic of the couple’s relationship, there’s nothing quite like incredible photo of the wedding party’s cheerleading pyramid. The aerial stunts performed by the wedding party, which was practically entirely made up of University of Kentucky cheerleading alum, were “mandatory,” Moran joked on her post.

The bride, who met all but one of her bridesmaids through cheerleading, spoke to Yahoo Style about the important role that the sport has played throughout her life. It even led her to meeting her groom.

“The best man was my husband’s best friend growing up and then became good friends with me as I helped him at his first U.K. Cheer tryout and became one of my stunt partners,” Kelsey says. “The other guys had no clue what was happening but jumped in and helped make it happen.”

The bride and the best man, who led her to her groom. (Photo: Crystal Moran Photography)

The photos perfectly illustrate the dynamics of the wedding party, which the bride describes as “a close group that enjoys having fun.” But the epic photo of the two being held up by their friends came as a result of a suggestion from one of the bridesmaids.

“It was actually one of my girls from high school who asked if they could put me in a stunt, for old times’ sake. We then all collectively decided the guys should put Brandon up also,” she explains. “Brandon has never cheered before but has been around it through his best friend for years. He went along with the idea immediately and next thing you know we were both up in stunts!”

The newlyweds top the stunt off with a kiss. (Photo: Crystal Moran Photography)

“We had the best wedding party we could ask for,” Kelsey says. “They literally lift us up when we need them.”

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