Off-the-scale scrumptuous caramels

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‘Have you tried…’ my Suffolk friend Naomi asked, eyes a-glisten, ‘honey salted caramels by B Chocolates?’ No, I said, at once excited to try a new thing and at twice ashamed I’d never heard of them. ‘They are the best caramels I’ve ever tasted,’ said Naomi.

I was mildly curious, not least because people often tell me something is the best they’ve ever tasted. But something about how earnest Naomi was intrigued me. So I bought some from this tiny company – coffee caramels, £5 for 20, the mixed caramels, £5.75 for six (two honey and sea salt, two pecan caramels and two chocolate caramels), and caramel and nougat bars, £5.75 for two.

People often tell me something is the best they’ve ever tasted, but something about how earnest Naomi was intrigued me

The coffee caramels were fine, but not my favourite – too much chocolate to caramel. But then I got to the mixed caramels and all I can say is… OMG. They are now the best caramels I’ve ever tasted. All three flavours were great, but the honey sea salt were insane (you can also buy a box of just these, and I’m really tempted to, £11 for 15). Everything about these were perfect – the ratio of chocolate to caramel, plus the absolutely perfect chew consistency, which is so hard to get right.

Then I tasted the caramel and nougat bars with hazelnuts, which I can only describe as absolutely lay-down-and-die wonderful. Think very posh Topic bar. I can’t believe I’d never heard of them and I can’t believe they’re from my county and I can’t believe how many of them I’m going to order.

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