Ofcom investigating EE’s customer contract information practices

Mobile operator EE is being investigated by Ofcom over concerns that the network failed to provide customers with clear and simple contract information before they signed up for a new deal.

Since June, telecoms providers have been required to give customers information and a short summary of the key terms before they sign up, including details around pricing, the length of the contract, and terms and conditions if a customer chooses to end their contract early.

The regulator said it has opened an investigation because it has reason to suspect that EE has failed to comply with these rules.

Ofcom confirmed it will now gather additional information on the case and will provide further updates as the investigation progresses.

The regulator said the new rules are important because they help people shop around for a better deal with confidence and aids consumers in making an informed choice about the right deal for them.

In response to the announcement, an EE spokesman said: “We want our customers to be fully informed and we make sales information upfront, clear and transparent.

“We are fully engaged with Ofcom during the course of this investigation.”