Was Odell Beckham Jr.'s peeing dog celebration a message to Trump?

Was there more to Odell Beckham Jr.‘s peeing dog celebration that met the eye?


After watching Beckham lift his leg following his touchdown, CNN editor AJ Willingham tweeted that the celebration may have been in response to President Donald Trump’s comment that labeled NFL players as “sons of bitches.”

Beckham followed with a response to Willingham on Monday afternoon that insinuated she was the first one to truly know what was going through his mind during the New York Giants‘ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

So was Beckham’s demonstration preplanned or is he conveniently taking a retroactive explanation for an act that drew him a personal foul and almost certainly a fine?

Only Beckham knows for sure if the idea was his before it was Willingham’s, but go ahead and watch his postgame comments from Sunday afternoon. Knowing what we know now, his smirking “I’m a dog so I acted like one” explanation seems like it contains more than we first thought.

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