OAN Anchor Assisted Rudy Giuliani on Trump Fake Elector Stunt

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One America News anchor Christina Bobb assisted Rudy Giuliani on the Trump campaign’s outlandish plan to submit rival Republican elector slates to affirm then-President Donald Trump’s victory in five states President Joe Biden won, according to The Washington Post.

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack are now focusing heavily on the origins of the rival Trump electors, seeing if it was all part of an orchestrated campaign assembled by the Trump team.

While the operation was conducted in plain sight in Dec. 2020, and cited by right-wing media and campaign officials at the time as necessary for Trump’s legal efforts, the behind-the-scenes operation led by Giuliani is now gathering attention.

“The campaign scrambled to help electors gain access to Capitol buildings, as is required in some states, and to distribute draft language for the certificates that would later be submitted to Congress, according to the former campaign officials and party leaders,” the Post reported. “The campaign also worked to find replacements for the electors who were unable to participate, or unwilling.”

Recently, MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow unearthed fake certificates of ascertainment submitted by the unrecognized electors in five states, noting that they “all match exactly” and appeared to be part of a coordinated effort. These rival slates, it’s since been revealed, were used as proof by Team Trump to convince Vice President Mike Pence he could reject Biden’s victory.

Giuliani oversaw the effort, as the Post reported, and was assisted by a host of other Trump allies, advisers, and officials. One of the individuals who helped the Trump lawyer with outlining the strategy was Bobb, a host on far-right cable channel One America News.

Noting that Giuliani took part in calls with Republican activists detailing how to prepare their elector slates, the Post added that Bobb “was also on at least one call” advising these electors about the plan.

Bobb declined to comment to the Post and One America News president Charles Herring did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

The Daily Beast first reported in Nov. 2020 that Bobb, who anchors a weekly show on the embattled network, was helping Giuliani with his legal efforts to overturn Biden’s electoral victory.

The conservative host would eventually publicly acknowledge that she did assist the Trump legal team after the election—after she established a non-profit group to raise funds for GOP-led recounts in states Biden won. She would then spend much of 2021 promoting her fundraiser on OAN airwaves, begging the channel’s viewers to send money to prop up these bogus right-wing “audits”—especially the laughably futile effort in Arizona.

Meanwhile, in a defamation lawsuit brought by former Dominion executive Eric Coomer against Giuliani and One America News, Giuliani claimed in a deposition that he had veto power over Bobb’s OAN stories during the time that she volunteered for his legal team. He also said Herring agreed to the arrangement.

“They said they would take her off communication she had, OAN would be treated for that purpose the way any other news organization is, and then if she did develop a discrete, good story, she would have to run it past us so it didn't violate any of our rules or whatever,” he asserted.

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