O.G. Anunoby on the Raptors' defensive continuity

Raptors forward O.G. Anunoby discusses Toronto's defensive chemistry after the loss to the Boston Celtics.

Video Transcript

- You guys had them under pretty good control for the first half, and then they kind of got loose in the third. And Tatum went off a little bit. He was just making shots, like rising up. Did you guys just kind of slip up some coverages there or just--

O.G. ANUNOBY: I have to watch it again. Maybe we did slip some coverages. He was making tough shots, though. So they're a great team.

- When it comes to defending players like that, we have a lot of talent to get to spots on the floor but also make those contested shots. How do you strike the balance between playing them in to help and also being more aggressive on ball to kind of congest their area of work, I guess?

O.G. ANUNOBY: For sure, always trying to be aggressive on ball and make them uncomfortable. Make them try to turn their back or force them into a tough shot. And then sometimes they'll just make tough shots or make plays.

- O.G, Pascal was mentioning focus and maybe not having the level of attention to detail that you guys need to get to. What would you maybe attribute that to?

O.G. ANUNOBY: I don't know. But it's for sure right. We're going to try to fix it starting tomorrow.

- Have you been happy with a lot of the rotations? As a guy who's out there, a lot of you guys, they're interconnected. Guys pick up for another guy. You make the rotation elsewhere. Are you feeling compared to some of your guys' best defensive stretches that there's that connectivity that you guys have defensively?

O.G. ANUNOBY: Yeah, we feel like there's connectivity. Yeah. We feel like we talk a lot. We make the next rotation. Just sometimes it's the next rotation that we don't make. So we're just going to try to clean that up, start doing that.

- Do you have any idea you guys might achieve that?

O.G. ANUNOBY: Oh, just watching the film, and then talking it out on the floor, making an emphasis to do it.

- You guys had your share of defensive struggles early last season, and then when you really turned it around. Do you take confidence from that knowing that you guys have shown that ceiling before?

O.G. ANUNOBY: No, we definitely know we're capable of it. It's just we have to do it.

- Thanks so much, everyone.

O.G. ANUNOBY: Thank you.