NYFW: KÛR's Spring 2018 collection proves you can never have too much lace

Marah Alindogan

There's no such thing as too much ruffles and lace, as KÛR's Spring 2018 collection proves.

Designer Kasuni Rathnasuriya made her New York Fashion Week debut on Thursday -- an impressive achievement that she called "a big milestone" in an exclusive interview with AOL Lifestyle.

The Sri Lankan-born designer's inspiration for her latest collection? The everyday woman's life.

Rathnasuriya uses the white shirt, which she called a "timeless piece," as the medium to bridge the gap between sophisticated dressing and street style. White dresses with intricate, handmade lace from Sri Lanka -- the "unique identity" of KÛR -- and leather skirts with a slight shimmer are some of the most breathtaking pieces from the 18-look collection.

Among the sea of white pieces are overflowing ruffled skirts and tuxedo pants in soft linen and plaid patterns. We couldn't help but ogle at the Peter Pan-collared shirts, complete with "all the lace and frills" as Rathnasuriya would say, perfectly paired with an edgy leather skirt or black trousers. It's truly the perfect balance between masculinity and femininity.

Another piece that caught our eye? A floor-sweeping lace frock embroidered with ladybugs, butterflies, and other small insects.

Though Rathnasuriya is a New York Fashion Week newbie, you couldn't tell by her calm, cool and collected demeanor during the interview. When asked if she felt nervous the morning of the show, she quickly replied: "No, I was very excited and ready for the backstage work."

While KÛR's latest unveiling perfectly blends the trends that we'll be seeing next spring -- lace, side stripes and Peter Pan collars galore -- there's one missing from the collection: Millennial pink.

"I'm against pink," the designer hilariously said. "I don't wear pink -- but we can definitely add pink in a subtle way."

For the complete KÛR's Spring 2018 collection, check out the slideshow above.