A nurse, a rogue, a Pharoah and a space mission – take the Thursday quiz

<span>Photograph: European Southern Observatory/Reuters</span>
Photograph: European Southern Observatory/Reuters

You wait 74 weeks for the 75th edition of the Guardian’s Thursday quiz to come along, and then it appears bang on time. Fantastic! There are questions about topical news. There are questions about general knowledge. There is also a question about a disturbing piece of AI art – and a few jokes along the way for good measure. There are no prizes, but let us know how you got on in the comments.

The Thursday quiz, No 75

  1. Pharoah Sanders
    Pharoah Sanders

    THE CREATOR HAS A MASTER PLAN: We lost the incredibly influential free jazz and spiritual jazz musician Pharoah Sanders this week. But what instrument was he most famous for playing?

    1. Clarinet

    2. Saxophone

    3. Oboe

    4. Piano

  2. Hilary Mantel
    Hilary Mantel

    THE GIFT BLESSES THE GIVER: We also lost the author Hilary Mantel. She was, of course, famous for the Booker prize-winning Wolf Hall. But what was the name of its follow-up, which also won the Booker prize?

    1. A Place of Greater Safety

    2. A Change of Climate

    3. Beat the Clock

    4. Bring Up the Bodies

  3. Portrait of Henry VIII
    Portrait of Henry VIII

    HENRY THE VIII AND HIS WIVES AND ALL THAT: Mantel's trilogy of books beginning with Wolf Hall was about the life of Thomas Cromwell. He was executed on 28 July 1540, the same day that Henry VIII married who?

    1. Catherine Howard

    2. Anne of Cleves

    3. Catherine Parr

    4. Jane Seymour

  4. Grimacing child
    Grimacing child

    BABY FACE: For some inexplicable reason, scientists kept feeding pregnant people stuff then looking at the faces of the babies in their wombs. Absolute weirdos. What did they discover is twice as likely to make babies grimace as carrots?

    1. Broccoli

    2. Cucumber

    3. Kale

    4. Cheese manufactured in the US

  5. Giorgia Meloni
    Giorgia Meloni

    ELECTION DAY: Giorgia Meloni headed the largest party of the rightwing bloc in Italy's election at the weekend. Which party does she lead?

    1. Forza Italia

    2. Five Star Movement

    3. Brothers of Italy

    4. The Red Hand Gang

  6. Red balloons
    Red balloons

    GCSE SCIENCE BUT WITH NENA: Nena had a huge international hit with 99 Red Balloons (some pictured), about the perils of nuclear war. But what name is given to the total kinetic energy and potential energy of all the particles of helium gas in a helium balloon?

    1. Internal energy

    2. Brownian energy

    3. Latent energy

    4. Pure dadbod energy

  7. A space scene
    A space scene

    BANG CRASH WALLOP: Nasa clearly decided it had too many spaceships on its hands and this week smashed its Dart probe into what for the LOLs?

    1. The moon

    2. A comet system

    3. An asteroid system

    4. On a human face – for ever

  8. Tammy Wynette
    Tammy Wynette

    TAMMY'S TEASER: Tammy Wynette had a hit single with D-I-V-O-R-C-E in 1968. But which E was a single by the band REM that also featured Patti Smith on vocals?

    1. E-Bow the Letter

    2. Everybody Hurts

    3. Electrolite

    4. Experiment IV

  9. Some old document
    Some old document

    ON THIS DAY: On 29 September 1864 a treaty (not pictured) was signed that agreed the peaceful borders of Spain and Portugal (also not pictured), and abolished the microstate of Couto Misto. What was the treaty known as? It was named after the place where it was signed.

    1. Treaty of Madrid

    2. Treaty of Lisbon

    3. Treaty of Seville

    4. Treaty of Vallidolid

  10. An actor
    An actor

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN BRITISH TELEVISION LAND: It is Ian McShane's birthday today. Happy birthday, Ian! What was the name of the long-running British TV series in which he played the titular character, a roguish antiques dealer?

    1. Bergerac

    2. Lovejoy

    3. Torchwood

    4. Cadfael

  11. Maradona's falls
    Maradona's falls

    1966 AND ALL THAT: A series of questions not related to football leading up to the 2022 Fifa World Cup awarded to Qatar, where migrant workers have been left in debt after being ordered home before it starts. The 1986 Fifa World Cup was held in Mexico, but was originally scheduled for Colombia. What is the capital of Colombia?

    1. Quito

    2. Santiago

    3. Asunción

    4. Bogotá

  12. India’s Renuka Thakur
    India’s Renuka Thakur

    SPORT BUT WITH ADDED CONTROVERSY: India's women completed an ODI sweep against England in the cricket, but they were booed by the English crowd because what happened to cause them to win the third and final match of the series?

    1. India’s Deepti Sharma (not pictured) checked her bowling action at the last second, and ran out non-striking batter Charlie Dean (also not pictured) after she'd set off expecting the ball to be bowled

    2. As England's Charlie Dean threw the ball for a certain run-out, it "accidentally" deflected off Deepti Sharma's outstretched bat and ran to the boundary for the four winning runs India needed

    3. India’s Deepti Sharma bowled a gentle underarm daisy cutter to England's batter Charlie Dean, meaning it was impossible for her to loft the ball for the six that England needed from the final ball

    4. 30-50 feral hogs invaded the pitch and caused so much damage that the match was awarded to India using the Duckworth-Lewis-Morse method for adjudicating truncated matches

  13. A spider web
    A spider web

    ART FOR ART'S SAKE: Cleaning staff at which museum have been told to ignore the accumulation of spider webs in the building before an exhibition called Clara and Crawly Creatures?

    1. Paris's Louvre

    2. New York's Museum of Modern Art

    3. Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum

    4. Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum

  14. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

    ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST: We also lost Louise Fletcher, who so brilliantly played Nurse Mildred Ratched in the film adaptation of Ken Kesey's novel. But what year did she win best actress at the Academy Awards for the role?

    1. 1972

    2. 1974

    3. 1976

    4. 1978

  15. An image for the Thursday quiz
    An image for the Thursday quiz

    NEW FACE IN AI HELL: What prompt did the Thursday quiz give to an AI drawing robot to produce this masterpiece?

    1. Darren Grimes deleting all of his Twitter history

    2. Zombie Jesus wearing a Santana T-shirt

    3. Ian Brown sounding like a foghorn with no backing band

    4. Liam Gallagher with a fork in a world of soup


1:B - Beginning recording in the 1960s and with a career lasting until he died at the weekend aged 81, Sanders distinctive tenor saxophone style graced many great jazz records, not least of which was his solo album Karma in 1969 which featured Leon Thomas and Lonnie Liston Smith on the epic 30+ minutes of The Creator Has a Master Plan., 2:D - Published in May 2012, it also won the Costa book awards book of the year., 3:A - It was his fifth wife, Catherine Howard, who was herself on the path to being executed for alleged adultery just a couple of years later. Cromwell's promotion of Henry's ill-fated marriage to Anne of Cleves proved part of his downfall., 4:C - "Actually seeing facial expressions of the foetus when they are getting hit by the bitter or by the non-bitter taste, that is something which is completely new" said a scientist, still not entirely explaining what future use this bizarre knowledge could possibly be put to., 5:C - Formed in 2012, the party takes its name from the opening line of the Italian national anthem. Meloni has been president of the party since 2014. Five Star Movement is Giuseppe Conte's party. Forza Italia is a Silvio Berlusconi vehicle. And the Red Hand Gang solve crimes with their dog Boomer., 6:A - Particles vibrate and so they have kinetic energy, but there is also potential energy stored in the bonds between them. so these two energy stores combined are known as internal energy. Sorry, I don't make the rules, this is based on a sample question asked at GCSE level from the AQA exam board., 7:C - It turns out it wasn't just for the LOLs. The Dart, or double asteroid redirection test, was an experiment to assess whether asteroids could be deflected should one ever be found on a collision course with Earth, without having to resort to hiring Bruce Willis and his oil rig crew like in 1998's Armageddon., 8:A - It was the first single from their tenth album, New Adventures In Hi-Fi, and the title referred to an EBow, an electromagnetic device used to make guitar strings vibrate, and the letter part is apparently meant to refer to a letter never sent to River Phoenix before his death., 9:B - Not to be confused with the Lisbon treaty of 2007 that formed the basis of so many false viral claims during the Brexit referendum, the 1864 treaty put paid to Couto Misto, a tiny enclave that had survived since the 10th century. Residents of the three villages that made up Couto Misto were exempt from tax and military service, and fair play to them for essentially sticking two fingers up to local nobility and royalty for 700 years., 10:B - It was Lovejoy, which ran for six series between 1986 and 1994. McShane has also found fame and fortune in the series Deadwood and the movie franchise John Wick, but sadly the geese in that picture did not., 11:D - With a population of 7.4 million people, Bogotá is one of the highest capital cities in the world. Colombia pulled out of hosting the 1986 World Cup in 1982 citing financial reasons. Mexico, the United States and Canada all offered to step in. , 12:A - It was perfectly within the rules. Analysis showed Dean appeared to have left the crease early on more than 70 occasions during the match. But people have argued that the spirit of the game suggests you should warn the batter before performing what is known as a Mankad dismissal, and on that particular delivery you could see that Dean was well within the crease at the point she would have expected the ball to be released., 13:D - Julia Kantelberg, an assistant curator, said they had been encouraged by Tomás Saraceno, an Argentinian artist based in Berlin whose work is appearing in the show, to treasure the accumulation of spider webs wherever they may emerge at the exhibition, which explores how attitudes to bugs and insects have changed over time., 14:C - The movie made a clean sweep of the five major awards at the 48th Academy Awards, taking best picture, best actor, best actress, best director and best screenplay (adapted). In later years Fletcher had a recurring role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine playing the Bajoran religious leader Winn Adami., 15:C - Punters were astonished that having shelled out £40 to go to see the former Stone Roses singer Ian Brown play live, he was doing the show as pseudo-karaoke exclusively on his own with a backing track featuring only his solo material, which did nothing to cover up his notoriously laissez-faire approach to hitting the right notes at gigs. Of course, the setlist included F.E.A.R. – or as the Thursday quiz now knows it, 'Foghorn, earache and rip-off'.


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