NRA Texas convention, a celebration of guns, 2nd amendment, bans weapons for Trump speech

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Susan Walsh/AP

The National Rifle Association’s annual convention is a celebration of guns and the second amendment.

But during Donald Trump’s scheduled appearance this weekend in Houston no guns will be allowed.

The NRA is outlawing firearms and other weapons and is blaming the Secret Service.

Trump is scheduled to speak Friday at the George R. Brown Convention Center. The NRA says the Secret Service is taking control of the hall while Trump is in attendance.

Among the items prohibited during Trump’s appearance: firearms, firearm accessories and knives, ammunition, laser pointers, pepper spray, toy guns, and backpacks.

A message posted on the NRA website says the secret service will search everyone entering the hall with magnetometers.

The convention comes three days after another mass murderer killed 21 people, including 19 elementary students, in Uvalde.

During other events at the convention, guns are permitted.

During its 2018 convention when Trump and former vice president Mike Pence spoke, guns were banned per Secret Service mandates.

The NRA is telling attendees that there will be no place to store guns while attending Trump’s speech.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Sen. Ted Cruz are among the others speaking at the convention.

Abbott signed into law in June 2021 a bill that allows Texans to carry a handgun without training or background checks or a license.

In March, Noem signed into law a bill that no longer requires a fee for concealed gun permits.

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