Notice on the cancellation of own shares

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Zemaitijos Pienas
Zemaitijos Pienas

On 4 July 2022, after the registration of a new wording of the Articles of Association of ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS, AB (hereinafter - the Company) in the Register of Legal Entities, the procedure of the reduction of the authorized capital of the Company has ended. During this procedure, the 4,637,500 units of ordinary registered shares (which made up 10 % of all shares issued by the Company), acquired by the Company through the share redemption processes, were cancelled.

Information about the reduction of the authorised capital was announced on 22 April 2022 (

According to the data of 4 July 2022, the authorised capital of the Company amounts to EUR 12,103,875, which is divided into 41,737,500 ordinary registered shares, with a nominal value of EUR 0,29 each.

The person authorized to provide additional information:
Head of Legal
Arnas Matuzas

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