Do Not Pass Go - Life-sized Monopoly game coming to the West End

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<p>The old Paperchase building on Tottenham Court Road is being converted into the home of a giant immersive Monopoly game</p> (PR Handout)

The old Paperchase building on Tottenham Court Road is being converted into the home of a giant immersive Monopoly game

(PR Handout)

A life-sized “live performance” version of Monopoly is coming to the West End.

The immersive show, Monopoly Lifesized, which lasts 75 minutes, has taken over the old Paperchase building on Tottenham Court Road and is a “participatory gameplay” attraction - a mixture of escape rooms and the classic board game where players can go to jail or win on the turn of a chance card.

Players will be led around one of three giant boards (Classic, The Vault, and City; there is also a Junior Board ) by their own personal Monopoly token, with each property square including a room complete with its own challenge to test their physical and mental skills.

The three-storey building will also include a shop and a Monopoly-themed bar and restaurant, Top Hat, and has been designed by specialists in immersive cinema and theatre events.

David Hutchinson, chief executive of production company Gamepath, said the new venue was “a major entry into a growing and exciting marketplace”.

He said: “Audiences want to consume live performance differently, and what better way than to jump into a life-sized version of the world’s favourite board game?

“Our creative team has been working their magic to fuse an experience that puts our audiences centre place on the board, and brings together our theatrical roots with innovative, digital and immersive storytelling.

“After everything we’ve missed out on individually and collectively and given the decimation of our high streets and city centres, it’s really exciting to be launching this now – we hope that we’ll be able to contribute to the recovery of Central London, and bring people back together in our fabulous Capital with a major new attraction in a major new destination building.”

Monopoly has sold millions of games since it was first launched in America almost 90 years ago with many of its features, including the Get Out of Jail Free Card and Monopoly Money, entering the language.

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