Not Your Mother And Father’s Financial Advisor: Emeritus Wealth Is Changing The Way Millennials and Clients Approach Financial Planning

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WARREN, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2021 / "We're not your mommy and daddy's financial advisor." Dynamic Duo, old friends, and financial advisors Michael Soroko and Zach Zenda are setting out to change the way millennials think about financial planning. The pair met on their first day in the business and bonded over their athletic careers. Though they were passionate about financial planning, they vowed to do things differently. "When we first entered the industry, we realized the huge lack of education available to clients, where many advisors took a condescending approach towards their younger clients." They founded Emeritus Wealth with a vision of doing things differently.

What began as a handful of clients has soared to over 500 clients, with various backgrounds and portfolios. Soroko and Zenda attribute their success to their commitment to efficiency, accessibility, and education.

Soroko and Zenda with Emeritus Wealth's Client Relationship Manager Sabeen giving back at a charity event.

1. Efficiency. Perhaps it is due to their history as student-athletes that Soroko and Zenda are a team at their core. They draw upon each other's strengths and continuously work towards the greater good of the team. This not only makes them more efficient and better at what they do, but this is a modality that has resonated with their clients. "People want to feel a part of a family, that is the type of relationship we offer to each of our clients," says Zach. Whether that means attending client's birthday parties or showing up in the community for charity events and service, Emeritus Wealth always puts the team, the community, and their clients first.

Soroko and Zenda (both avid golf fans) attended the Waste Management Open in Scottsdale, AZ, pre-pandemic in January 2020.

2. Accessibility. For the last several years, many financial advisors have turned away millennials or younger individuals with smaller portfolios. Emeritus Wealth takes the opposite approach. Over the next 10-20 years, there is going to be the largest wealth transfer that this country has ever seen as older generations begin transitioning wealth to the younger generation. Soroko and Zenda are committed to coming alongside and serving the younger generations. Emeritus Wealth works closely with individuals in the medical field and entrepreneurs, particularly those that are High Earners, Not Rich Yet (HENRY). "These are the people who need the most support," explains Soroko, "In many cases, they're earning up to $500K a year but have no strategy to protect or grow that wealth. We can give them the tools to both protect and prosper." Though Emeritus Wealth works with high earners and the wealthy, they are willing to work with individuals in all walks of life. No portfolio is too small, they're committed to proving sound, accessible financial advice for all.

The team donated a check for $15K to the Cancer Institute of NJ from their annual golf outing proceeds.

3. Education. According to Soroko and Zenda, there is a huge lack of financial literacy amongst Americans. The pair has committed to providing educational resources to their clients and the general public. Prior to the pandemic, they hosted luncheons and financial literacy workshops at local hospitals and universities, and they look forward to renewing their education efforts in 2021. Many people just want someone that they can turn to answer their biggest questions. For Soroko and Zenda, no question is too big or too small, and they're willing to wade as far into the weeds as the client desires. "We start with where they are at today, discuss where they want to be in the future, and give them a roadmap to get there as quickly and easily as possible," says Zach. This roadmap includes everything from investment strategies, insurance, debt planning, and more.

2019 at Emeritus Wealth's annual client appreciation picnic. The highlight event being "Pie Your Financial Advisor in the Face" for charity.

The way we approach financial planning is changing. If clients want to protect their assets and build wealth, they must start with a sound educational foundation. To learn more about Emeritus Wealth's commitment to efficiency, accessibility, and education, visit

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