North West Evokes Holiday Joy on TikTok as the "Zombie That Saved Christmas"

North West is setting herself up to become the next skincare and makeup mogul, and we couldn't be prouder to see it happen. On the beauty side of TikTok is where she shines the most. This time the rising star took to the app to create a viral Christmas zombie and it's literally the cutest thing.

With festive holiday music playing in the background, Northie merged the worlds of Halloween and holiday glam, creating a 3D illusion of melted, decrepit skin with bright red face paint and fake blood. Her living-dead face makeup focused on the lower section of her face, lips and jawline. Taking a page out of her mom's Kim Kardashian book, she uses the baking setting powder technique in her under-eye area to clean up the look and make the effect editorially appealing.

Northie has a special knack for experimental makeup and we're excited to see what she comes up with next for the rest of the festive season. Peep her Christmas-zombie glam ahead.