North Perth counting rural traffic to see if centre lines warranted

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NORTH PERTH – In response to a request from council earlier this year, Manager of Operations Lyndon Kowch announced on July 19 that staff will be conducting traffic studies over the next few months to see if painted centre lines are required on any rural roads.

“We’re capable of counting traffic on our busiest rural roads,” he said. “In general, the requirements for a centre line down a rural road relates to the high number of cars that occur during the peak hour… so if you see 200 cars in both directions in a peak hour it would justify on some of our rural roads that we paint centre yellow lines on them through the MTO guidelines.”

Over the next couple of months, traffic counts will be conducted on several busy rural blocks and then Kowch will be coming back to council with recommendations related to that for centre yellow lines.

“I’ll also bring back information from other municipalities,” he said. “Many do not put centre lines on for various reasons. Mainly because of farm implements being large enough that when they cross those lines it’s a chargeable offence and that is something we’ll have to look at.”

Kowch said the report will probably come back to council in September.

“I just wanted to let council know it’s going to be some time till I come forward with the report I was asked to present,” he said.

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