Normani's Hairstylist Shares the Secret Product Behind Her Waist-Length Type 4 Hair

Okay, so you should love your natural hair no matter how long, short or textured it is. However, obsessing over the length of Black hair can be extremely harmful for many reasons, but that doesn't mean one shouldn't celebrate growth at any stage. Normani is an example of that.

First of all, I had yet to catch wind of Normani's hair's length, so when I saw it on Instagram, I was shocked. Her hairstylist Ashanti Lation shared a clip of the singer's tresses during a maintenance appointment. When blown out, the star is sitting at the waist-end. Lation wrote in the caption, "Inches!!" And that sums up my sentiments exactly. Caring for and nurturing type 4 hair to achieve this length can be challenging. Still, Normani's hairstylist flipped the coin to prove that afro hair can grow as long as you want. It takes patience and care. Lation also boasts that her "Greux Drops" from her brand VIP Luxury Haircare was also the key to growing out the artist's hair.

Catch more of Normani's full maintenance check ahead.