Noomi Rapace's on-the-run CIA agent turns to Michael Douglas in exclusive 'Unlocked' clip

Noomi Rapace is a CIA agent unwittingly tricked into aiding a terrorist plot in Unlocked, a new thriller from director Michael Apted (famed for helming the long-running Up documentary series, as well as thrillers like The World is Not Enough and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader). The upcoming release boasts not only an intriguing premise but an all-star cast that includes Orlando Bloom, Toni Collette, John Malkovich, and Michael Douglas. And in Yahoo Movies‘ exclusive clip from the film (watch it above), moviegoers can get a sneak peek at the moment Rapace’s heroine details how she’s been ensnared in a potentially deadly criminal enterprise.

Rapace is on the run in the above scene, taking refuge at the home of a colleague (Douglas), where she promptly closes the blinds to make sure her presence there isn’t detected. Then, while Douglas reacts to a wound on her arm, she explains the convoluted way in which she was roped into aiding a man on a deal, only to discover that said person doesn’t actually exist — meaning, in effect, that she’s unintentionally gotten into bed with the very sorts of people she was tasked with stopping.

With Rapace navigating a decidedly male-dominated milieu, Unlocked will join the recent wave of female-led action films (Atomic Blonde, Wonder Woman, The Villainess) when it arrives in theaters on Friday, Sept. 1.

‘Unlocked’: Watch a trailer:

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