Noel Edmonds launches New Zealand radio station dedicated to helping plants grow

Danny Thompson
TV presenter Noel Edmonds in London, for the launch of an appeal for the charity Help the Hospices, with the aim of raising over 1 million for the Hospice movement by having 'A Forest of Lights' on christmas trees throughout the country. (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)

Deal Or No Deal star Noel Edmonds has revealed he has launched a radio station in New Zealand aimed at helping plants grow.

The TV presenter and DJ is known for hosting the once hugely popular Channel 4 game show and giving out presents to kids in hospital at Christmas, but the star is also an amateur horticulturist.

With this in mind, the 71-year-old has upped sticks to move across the world with his family to present a show called Positively Plants.

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Edmonds told the Mail on Sunday: “We ran an experiment with two plants, one of which we neglected and the other we played Positively Plants to.

“The difference was absolutely amazing, and then we played those tones, because it's all about tones, we played those tones to the plant that didn't look so good, and it perked up again.”

However, the people of New Zealand can rest easy, as the star will not be introducing them to arguably his most famous, or that could be infamous, brain child.

He joked: “Kiwis can rest easy. I'm not going to inflict myself upon this proud nation. I'm not bringing Mr Blobby over. I'm here to behave.”

Edmonds brought a house and moved to the Auckland region of the country with his third wife Liz in September of 2019.

TV presenter Noel Edmonds and his wife Liz Davies, leave Bristol County Court, where Mr Edmonds is in a legal dispute with former business partner Ulrik Lawson. (Photo by Tim Ireland/PA Images via Getty Images)

They were granted a residency permit earlier this year.

Married since 2009 after meeting while she worked as a make-up artist on Deal Or No Deal, Edmonds told The Guardian last year he must stay fit for his wife.

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He said: “My wife doesn’t want to wake up next to someone who looks 70. So I work hard to keep in shape. I do something I call snackcercise.” 

So between staying fit for his better half and serenading plants, it looks as though Edmonds will be kept pretty busy with his new life in New Zealand.