'Nocturnal' journalist on TikTok is making day-in-the-life vlogs 'cool again' with unique schedule: 'I would love this'

Day-in-the-life videos have long been popular on social media, but one young TikToker is flipping the genre on its head.

Claire Murashima (@clairemurashima) is a 24-year-old self-described “semi-nocturnal journalist” for NPR. She says her schedule sometimes requires her to work overnight shifts, which means she’s working from midnight to 8 a.m.

It’s an unusual schedule affecting all aspects of her life, from her daily routine to meal times and sleep habits. And that’s precisely why people can’t stop watching her videos.

Murashima’s vlog gives others a fascinating glimpse of what life can look like outside of a traditional 9-5 workday, which most people will never experience.

In many videos, Murashima gets ready for a typical night shift and shares her before and after work routines.

“Since my shift is really hard on my body, I make a point to do a skincare routine every day,” Murashima says in one clip.

Working the night shift also means going to bed before the sun goes down. In order to trick her brain, Murashima uses black-out curtains to darken her bedroom. Then, so she doesn’t return to a dark apartment at 8 a.m., she opens her blinds shortly before her departure.

In another video, Murashima opens up about what she calls the “nocturnal scaries.” Just like the infamous “Sunday scaries”, these involve feelings of anxiety and dread that come with working a non-traditional schedule.

It seems most of her routines center on creating a sense of calm and order to combat stressful days.

According to Murashima’s NPR bio, she’s a production assistant on the programs Morning First and Up First. Despite a start time when most people have gone to bed, she also works early daytime shifts. Her entire work-life schedule appears to be non-traditional and in flux, impacting how she spends the weekends.

By sharing intimate glimpses of her unique days and nights, Murashima has not only made POV-style videos “cool again” (as she recently joked in one TikTok), but along the way has inspired others who may be considering non-traditional careers themselves.

“5-1 would be my literal dream shift,” commented @ellenreads52 in response to one video.

“I would love this schedule especially during fall/winter!” added @littlecleary.

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