Nobody would adopt ‘sweet dog.’ Then she was reunited in Texas ‘Christmas miracle’

Pasadena Animal Shelter/Facebook Screengrabs

For months, nobody would adopt a dog who went by “Gertie” at a Texas animal shelter.

“The sweet dog we called Gertie had been with us since June, making her one of our longest-stay dogs,” the Pasadena Animal Shelter said in a Dec. 7 Facebook post. “None of us could understand why she was with us for so long.

“She was an absolute sweetheart who loved everyone and always had that huge, ear-to-ear smile on her face when she saw you.”

But now, about six months after the pup found herself inside the shelter, workers know “some things are meant to be.”

Because if this four-legged friend had been adopted, she might have never been reunited with the family who missed her so dearly.

In attempt to get “Gertie” a new home, she was taken to an adoption event at Texas Roadhouse on Dec. 3.

“And when she did, a gentleman there thought he recognized her and made a call,” shelter staff said. “He was a pastor, and he called a family in his church who had been missing their beloved dog, Cookie, for a year.”

The family quickly headed to Texas Roadhouse — and sure enough, they were reunited with their “Cookie.”

The Aldape family had last seen their boxer mix in June 2021 before she escaped through a door at their home in Pasadena, according to the Houston Chronicle. They looked “everywhere” for her before starting to lose hope.

“My son missed her so much we even got him a kitty,” owner Berenice Aldape told the newspaper. “He would say, ‘I miss Cookie, I miss Cookie,’ and I told him I didn’t think we were going to find her. I also told him we can never know.”

This made for an emotional reunion.

“There were lots of smiles, tears, hugs and tail wags all around,” according to the Pasadena Animal Shelter. “And now Cookie (formerly Gertie) is back home with her family.”

It was a true “Merry Christmas” moment, Aldape told the Chronicle.

“We don’t have a lot of money for expensive presents, but even if we did and bought the most expensive things, we couldn’t buy what Cookie means to us,” she told the newspaper. “This truly was our Christmas miracle.”

Pasadena is about 15 miles southeast of downtown Houston.

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