No, UNC football coach Mack Brown isn’t going to ‘like’ your Tweet. Here’s why.

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North Carolina coach Mack Brown admitted to being “like everybody else” when it comes to spending too much time on his smartphone. And a big culprit consuming his time when he slides it on his Twitter.

Brown told reporters on his weekly call Monday that in the past he’s followed all of the Tar Heels’ opponents on Twitter just to “get a feel of what they’re talking about during the week.”

“When I’m eating or something, I’m like everybody else, I’m addicted to my phone more than I should be,” Brown said. “It always makes me mad when I see on Sunday, when they tell me my (phone usage) hours for the week. That’s it. Oh my gosh. I’m telling kids not to be addicted. I got this thing in my hand all day.”

That especially rings true when it comes to recruiting. Brown said Billy High, an assistant athletic director/general manager who oversees recruiting operations, generally keeps him up to date on what other schools are doing. But every now and then, Brown will see a commitment while scrolling on Twitter and he’ll ask High more more details.

Did we not want him? Why didn’t we get him? Why didn’t I know his name?

Brown said he had to get better about multi-tasking while scanning his timeline. It has caused him to carelessly hit the like button on something he would not have liked had he internalized the Tweet.

“I’ve gotten in really bad trouble a couple of times that I didn’t read,” Brown said. “And I’m not even aware that people care what I like.”

Brown has a good relationship with Marquette men’s basketball coach Shaka Smart from the time they both worked at Texas. Brown said he saw a tweet that mentioned the military and mentioned Smart.

“I love both, so I liked it,” Brown said.

That is, until UNC’s football media relations contact Jeremy Sharpe pointed out to Brown that the post was actually unfair to Smart. Brown said Sharpe told him it was “the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.”

After Brown re-examined the tweet he realized his mistake and said he’s tried to get better at what he chooses to like.

“I’m trying to do less likes, but I said I’m a multi-tasker,” Brown said. “So I’ll be working on this, doing that, I’ll be looking at this. I like, like, like, so I’m trying to back off my likes. And I’d like to be able to read them before I like them from now on. But that’s that’s something I’m working on emotionally.”

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