There’s no Need to Pay $1000 for an Outdoor Woodfire Oven Thanks to Ninja

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Ninja.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Ninja.

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I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Ninja Woodfire 8-in-1 Outdoor Oven, and, spoiler alert: it’s been a game-changer in my household—especially for the culinary clueless among us. After my husband nearly burned down our backyard while barbecuing salmon outdoors last summer (yes, really!), I’ve been considering investing in an electric outdoor oven, but most of the popular models on the market cost upwards of $1,000, which always gave me pause. Because I am not exactly a seasoned chef (I only recently learned how to chop garlic), I didn’t feel that I deserved such a fancy outdoor cooking appliance since I barely grasped the basic functionality of my indoor cooking appliances.

Naturally, when I saw that Ninja had launched an equally as sleek woodfire outdoor oven for only $400, the price was right. While I was lucky to be able to sample a unit to review, its approachable price tag feels much more justifiable than the ubiquitous Gozney pizza oven models that are triple the cost. Frankly, the 8-in-1 functionality of the flameless outdoor oven—it does so much more than cook pizza—warrants an even loftier price tag, but we won’t tell Ninja that.

Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven
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Again, this versatile and universally user-friendly electric appliance offers a range of options and settings via easy-to-understand controls. The Ninja Outdoor Oven is engineered to reach temperatures ranging from 105-700°F to achieve that restaurant-like woodfire texture and flavor, but you can dial down that smokey flavor (or turn it off altogether) with the touch of a button. You can also add woodfire flavors to anything you make using only half a cup of wood pellets in the dedicated slot on the side of the unit.

Aesthetically and structurally, the Ninja Outdoor Oven boasts a sturdy construction with a modern, sleek design, so it isn’t an eyesore in your patio or backyard, a feature that I seemed to appreciate far more than my husband. The oven is about the size of your standard microwave, give or take, so it’s perfect for smaller patios or expansive backyards. Ninja offers a unit-specific outdoor stand (sold separately) that we received with our oven, but if you don’t want to buy this accessory, I suggest finding another surface to place it on that allows for extra space to prep and serve.

Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven Review
Courtesy of the author.

Whether this is your first foray into outdoor cooking appliances beyond the mere grill or the next entry in a line-up of the ever-expanding array of such devices, the Ninja Outdoor Oven truly integrates the best of all offerings into a sleekly designed and downright cool unit. This oven can grill, smoke, bake, roast, dehydrate, warm, broil, and, of course, make pizza. I’ve easily prepared everything from salmon filets to seasoned potato pan meals, and perfectly baked pizzas. The wood-fired element adds much-desired smoky flavor to dishes, elevating the taste and authenticity of outdoor cooking. (Ninja kindly provided both All-Purpose and Bold wood pellets to test the flavor spin this unique feature puts on the meals, and it did not disappoint).

Aside from its versatility and intuitive design, my husband confirmed that the Ninja Outdoor Oven delivers impressive performance on par with higher-priced outdoor ovens on the market: the temperature control is precise, allowing for consistent results, and it maintains consistent, even heat exceptionally well, making it suitable for both slow cooking and roasting. It can even roast whole turkeys (though, as I tested the unit in mid-August, I lacked an excuse to try it). The pizza stone included with the oven produced the crusts that can elevate your typical Wednesday-night frozen circle of pizza ingredients into a pie that beats delivery by a long shot. Best of all, the outdoor oven is designed with five different settings specifically for making (or just baking) pizza: Neapolitan, thin crust, pan, New York, and frozen.

Ninja 8-in-1 Woodfire Outdoor Oven

The control panel is self-explanatory, and the various cooking modes are clearly labeled, which adds to the outdoor oven’s ease of use and safety. Even for someone unfamiliar with wood-fired cooking, outdoor cooking, or countertop appliances, I found it easy to get started.

Buy Ninja 8-in-1 Woodfire Outdoor Oven at Ninja Kitchen, $400

Cleaning up after use was also simpler than expected, with the one caveat being that the various food surfaces are not dishwasher safe and require handwashing. Given the time and mess you otherwise save in the kitchen (or backyard) with the unit, this isn’t much of a tradeoff, but users should still be aware so they don’t damage the cooking surfaces.

The wood flavor-infused cooking really does make a difference in the flavor profile of dishes, and by simply using heat to infuse the flavorful smoke from the wood pellets rather than using them as fuel for a fire, the oven is able to use the wood pellets much more efficiently than a traditional charcoal grill or smoker.

Ninja outdoor oven review pellets
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Considering its multi-functionality and the quality of results it delivers, the Ninja Outdoor Oven offers solid value for its price. While it’s undoubtedly an investment buy, the oven’s ability to replace multiple outdoor cooking appliances with a single unit that doesn’t take up much space is a cost-effective choice in the long run. Depending on your preferences and reliance on smart home devices, the only feature it lacks is some sort of smartphone app or connectivity allowing notifications when the pre-heat or half-cooking time alerts occur.

Overall, Ninja’s 8-in-1 Woodfire Outdoor Oven’s versatility, performance, and ability to enhance flavor make it a standout choice for anyone who enjoys outdoor cooking—especially in hot weather when you don’t want to start a fire. The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven won’t just move your cooking game outdoors; it will elevate it, too!


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