New Nissan GT-R and Z Generations Are Reportedly Coming

nissan hyper force concept
New Nissan GT-R and Z Generations Reportedly SetNissan Design

The first concept for the R35 generation Nissan GT-R was introduced in 2001. 24 years later, the car soldiers on with a facelift for its 16th model year. Eventually, Nissan's flagship will have to either be retired or replaced. Nissan has waffled on what exactly a GT-R successor could be, but a new report quoting two Nissan executives says that the next GT-R is finally on the way.

In an interview with Motor Authority, Nissan North America's Chief Planning Officer Pons Pandikuthira confirmed that no powertrain has been decided on for the next GT-R. That means a gas-powered model is possible, but an all-electric GT-R more like the recent Hyper Force concept seems inevitable. Pandikuthira noted Nissan's work in Formula E, where the brand recently extended its commitment through 2030, as proof the company can build a track-capable sports car.

Another executive, Senior Vice President Alfonso Albaisa, confirmed that the next GT-R would have four seats while functioning as both a comfortable daily driver and a track car. That certainly sounds like the Hyper Force concept, which did not bear any GT-R branding but had both the car's signature quad tail lights and a unique badge with the colors and shape of the existing GT-R logo.

Albaisa also confirmed a new Z, but that timeline is much longer. According to the Nissan exec, the recent new generation of Z has a long life span ahead of it. That is somewhat surprising, given how much of that car is shared with a 370Z introduced in 2008. Nevertheless, Albaisa says the car will carry on until Nissan either reinterprets the 240Z again or splits from its retro Z trend to design a new sports car for a new era.

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