‘Nightmare’: Pregnant telenovela star talks battle with coronavirus from hospital

Madeleine Marr
·2 min read

Ximena Duque has had a rough third trimester of her pregnancy.

The actress contracted COVID and had to be hospitalized.

Her husband Jay Adkins and 3 year old daughter Luna had the illness two weeks ago, but the mother to be had yet to contract it.

Unfortunately, her luck changed. Duque shared an Instagram Story Monday with her 4 million followers from her hospital room, wearing a mask and having some trouble breathing.

The 35 year old “Pecados Ajenos” star said that her gynecologist suggested she check in due to the late stage of her pregnancy.

“It’s very hard to be here alone,” admitted Duque. “But the mind is strong and I have to be positive.”

In August the actress and Adkins announced they were having another girl, whose name is Skye. The baby’s health is good, mom assured her fans.

Back in January 2018, while giving birth to Luna, the former “Days of our Lives” star also had complications, going through 40 hours of labor.

Her husband was supportive then, and is supportive now. Adkins recorded a video over the weekend responding to people who don’t want to wear masks and think that coronavirus is fake news.

“Our home was ravaged by COVID,” said the North Carolina born entrepreneur whose symptoms were mild as were his daughter’s. “When it hit my house that’s when it became real.”

Duque added to his post in Spanish, responding to critics who didn’t think the family was careful enough:

“It is very easy to criticize and assume that we are infected because we are irresponsible, or because we do not use masks,” she wrote. “The reality is that those who are close to us know how for almost a year we have taken care of ourselves and we have taken extreme measures to avoid this terrible nightmare.”

As for the unborn child, there is a chance Skye will be born with coronavirus, though there is no evidence the disease is passed on through amniotic fluid or breast milk.