The night ESPN's Sergio Dipp became famous for awkward sideline report

Sideline reports are generally forgettable. They’re wallpaper during the broadcast. Even the informative ones about injuries or strategy don’t become famous.

Sergio Dipp’s sideline report became famous.

In the first half of ESPN’s second “Monday Night Football” game between the Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers, Dipp came on for a report about Broncos coach Vance Joseph. Simple enough. Then Dipp started stumbling a bit, talking about Joseph’s “diversity in his background” and how he played different positions and … well, he never really got to the point.

“And here he is … having the time of his life!” Dipp said to finish the report.

And of course, he instantly became internet famous. People stopped talking about the game and started talking about Dipp’s report.

It was loud on the field in Denver, and there’s a lot of pressure doing live television for any audience, much less millions on “Monday Night Football.” It could have happened to anyone. Mostly the jokes about Dipp’s sideline report were good-natured, and he had fun with it too not long after it seemed four of every five tweets included the words “Sergio Dipp.”

And now he’s a legend.

[Update: Tuesday morning, he addressed the evening’s big story.]

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Sergio Dipp’s fame rose after a sideline report on “Monday Night Football.” (ESPN screen shot)