Night Court Video: Marsha Warfield Returns as Roz in the Season Finale — But Is She Joining the Cast Full-Time?

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for Tuesday’s Night Court finale.

Dan Fielding’s new gig as a judge brought him face-to-face with an old friend.

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Night Court Roz Marsha Warfield Season 1 Finale
Night Court Roz Marsha Warfield Season 1 Finale

Tuesday’s Night Court season finale ended with Dan settling into his new job as a judge in his native Louisiana, where his first defendant was… Roz! Yes, Marsha Warfield reprised her role from the original Night Court series as the surly bailiff, now in court after a rowdy bachelorette party in New Orleans. She was stunned to see him: “Fielding? They made you a judge?” Then she ordered the bailiff: “Take me back to jail.” (Press PLAY above to watch the scene.)

It was a special treat for Night Court fans who haven’t seen Warfield play Roz since the original 1992 series finale. For Warfield, it was simple: “They asked me to do the episode, and I said sure,” she tells TVLine. But “I never considered that I might be part of the cast” of the new series, she adds. “I’ve always felt like, and I’ve said publicly: If they asked me, I’d be happy to. But I understand why they wouldn’t.”

Night Court Cast
Night Court Cast

In fact, Warfield hadn’t appeared on television at all in more than two decades before her recent stint on Fox’s 9-1-1 as Hen’s mother. (“I like to say that at the height of my career, I decided to take some time out to get really old, as you can see,” she explains with a laugh.) But she enjoyed getting a chance to reunite with her old co-star John Larroquette, who reprises his role as Dan on the new Night Court: “Spending time with him on the set… it was so comfortable and so nice to see him.”

That won’t be the last time she sees him, either: Warfield reveals that she’ll return as Roz in the Season 2 premiere as well. (Night Court was renewed for Season 2 back in February.) “We find out why she went to jail in the first place,” she teases, and we also “get to catch up with her for a little bit” and hear about “some of the things she’s done in her past and is doing now. Then she gets to spend some time with an old friend.” Warfield isn’t becoming a full-time cast member on the show, but “if they ask for more, I’m hopefully available, and I would love to do it.”

Elsewhere in the season finale: Before he left, Dan helped get Abby’s felony charge dismissed, despite the best efforts of evil prosecutor Jeff Dewitt, and Abby broke up with her boyfriend Rand when they realized they want different things. (He’s not exactly a New York City guy.) And yes, Dan did take that job in Louisiana — but he has to come back to Abby’s courtroom at some point, right?

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