Nigerian group recreates 'low budget' Squid Game; netizens amused by uncanny similarity

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As the Netflix show Squid Game continues to dominate trends online, a Nigerian comedy group known as Ikorodu Bois, has recreated scenes from the South Korean drama. The clip has gone viral on Instagram and has gained over one million views till date.

The clip posted by the group shows them recreating Squid Game's trailer shot by shot. The 2.08 minute video features the original scenes at the top and the recreated version at the bottom. The video also features the iconic 'red light, green light' scene from the series, with a kid wearing ivory makeup to portray the creepy robotic doll in the scene.

The young kids also used innovative techniques to imitate the scenes of the hit series, with the group using a massive cauldron to stand for the transparent piggy bank in the show that contains the cash prize.

The video has received widespread love and appreciation on social media, with many praising the resourcefulness of the group and the accuracy of the low-budget recreation.

Ikorodu Bois have often posted recreations of multi-million dollar Hollywood epics, music videos and movie trailers within a low budget. The recent videos posted by them also include their version of the Fast and Furious 9 trailer.

This is not the only version of Squid Game that has been doing the rounds of the Internet recently. Earlier, Mumbai Police had posted a short clip with the iconic 'red light, green light' scene from the show, adding its own twist at the end. The clip was put out by the department to encourage to people to obey traffic rules.

Asking people to stop at red lights, the caption of the 36-second video said "You are the 'frontman' of your 'game' on the road: you can save yourself from getting eliminated."

The video has received great appreciation on social media, registering over 1,50,000 views till date. Many people praised the innovative concept of the advisory and the way Mumbai Police used the Squid Game scene effectively to convey their message.

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