Nigerian Comedy Group Recreates 'Low Budget' Squid Game and It's Eerily Accurate

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Netflix show Squid Game’s international success has made it the biggest original show on the streaming platform. Given the South Korean show’s extreme success, it is only natural that there are waves of memes and other parodies inspired by the show written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The latest parody inspired by Squid Game has been created by The Ikorodu Bois, a Nigerian online comedy group that recreates and mimics multi-million dollar music videos, Hollywood movie trailers and epic pictures within a low budget. The video shared on their Instagram page this weekend shows the group of Ikorodu children enacting the scenes from the Squid Game shot by shot. With the original trailer playing in the top half of the screen, the bottom half showed how the group of talented young kids re-enacted the shots. One of the kids was also dressed as the robotic creepy doll that featured in the Red Light Green Light game. The child actor used layers of ivory shade foundation to look like the doll. Meanwhile, other children donned the iconic green tracksuits as they participated in the game. Other scenes from the show that were recreated shot by shot included the one where the participants were taken into the huge hall where they stayed.

Considering the low-budget of the Nigerian group of artists, the video showed how they creatively used a huge cauldron pot to imitate the huge transparent piggy bank containing the cash prize. Other scenes showed how bags of chips were pasted to recreate the tiger VIP mask. The innovative ideas showcased by the Ikorodu group has left netizens amused. The caption of the video read, “If Squid game was shot in Ikorodu.”

The keen attention to detail paid by the Ikorodu Bois group has been lauded by the netizens as it showcased their resourcefulness to bring joy to all online. Commenting on the Instagram video, Chukwudike D. Akuwudike wrote, “Could this have been any more perfect!!! You guys are amazingly good.”

What are your thoughts on this impeccable work done by the group?

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