Nigella Lawson marks Donald Trump’s exit with bitter orange tart ‘recipe of the day’

Harriet Brewis
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<p>Nigella was hailed for ‘high quality trolling’ of Donald Trump</p> (BBC Pictures/Reuters)

Nigella was hailed for ‘high quality trolling’ of Donald Trump

(BBC Pictures/Reuters)

Nigella Lawson has delighted Twitter users with a “perfectly timed” dish of the day.

On the morning that Donald Trump’s presidency officially ends, the celebrity chef “just happened” to put out the recipe for a “bitter orange tart”.

The domestic goddess tweeted on Wednesday: “Well, yes, Bitter Orange Tart just happens to be Recipe of the Day.”

She explained that the dessert was “not complicated” and consisted of a base made up of “bashed ginger nuts”.

The 60-year-old made no mention of the outgoing president, but social media users were quick to seize on the apparent hint.

Mr Trump has long been mocked for his vibrant perma-tanned skintone.

Author Caitlin Moran retweeted the post, writing: “If anyone says ‘Given the last few years, are there any things that still make you proud to be British?’ I have to reply, ‘It's a dwindling list, but Nigella Lawson calmly choosing Bitter Orange Tart on the day Trump leaves office would be one of them’."

Journalist John Sweeney wrote: “Bashed ginger nuts for a Bitter Orange Tart: today's recipe of joy from our one and only, our Glorious Queen of Tarts.”

Broadcaster Will Buxton tweeted: “All hail Queen Nigella. That’s some high quality trolling. And what looks like a damn tasty recipe.”

Screen writer Sarah Phelps commented: “You absolute legend and glorious queen. Best recipe of the day EVER!”

And historian Greg Jenner added that is was the “perfect choice” for “this historic day”.

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