Nicola Coughlan Doubled Up on Belts to Add a Little Edge to an Overcoat

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Nicola Coughlan managed to find a way to add a little edge to an overcoat, and we love this unexpected twist on a classic. In London for the premiere of Disney+’s Renegade Nell, Coughlan clearly planned her outfit around the city’s ever-present fog and rain. As in, an umbrella is her main accessory. Accordingly, the Bridgerton star opted for a wool overcoat that provided warmth, and that was strategically left open at the sternum for a little visible cleavage.

To give her silhouette some shape, the petite Coughlan cinched it with not one but two black leather belts. The Barbie star accessorized with silver earrings, rings and light purple nails for a look that's both spring-light and weather-ready.

<h1 class="title">"Renegade Nell" World Premiere - Arrivals</h1><cite class="credit">Joe Maher/Getty Images</cite>

"Renegade Nell" World Premiere - Arrivals

Joe Maher/Getty Images

Coughlan, who doesn’t appear to have a role in Renegade Nell, was presumably there to support series star Louisa Harland, who costarred with Coughlan on the beloved comedy series Derry Girls (it’s on Netflix and it’s soooooooo good, you guys). Harland, too, belted her outerwear!

<h1 class="title">World premiere of Renegade Nell</h1><cite class="credit">Jordan Pettitt - PA Images/Getty Images</cite>

World premiere of Renegade Nell

Jordan Pettitt - PA Images/Getty Images

Renegade Nell follows an 18th-century outlaw who has to live by her wits after being accused of murder. Also, there's magic? It looks cool!

Nicola Coughlan isn’t alone in bringing belts back in a big way. Pop star Dua Lipa recently wore a bustier corset fashioned to look like three large belts, and in a sure sign of a 2010s revival, celebs are belting their dresses again.

And as Lipa proved, you don’t ever have to wear a belt as a belt. Julia Fox wore a dress made of belts to Paris Fashion Week, which reminds me of the skirt made of ties everyone had for a second in 2007. Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway sat courtside sporting a necklace with a buckle, a.k.a. a belt as jewelry. Move over, watch necklaces—we’re all in on belts.

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