Nick Viall and Natalie Joy Share Intimate Details About Baby Daughter River's Birth: 'So Exhausted'

The couple welcomed their first baby together earlier this month

<p>Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty</p> Nick Viall and Natalie Joy

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy are sharing new details about their daughter's birth.

On Thursday's episode of The Viall Files, the former Bachelor star, 43, and his fiancée recounted Joy's experience of giving birth to their baby girl, River Rose. The couple welcomed their daughter on Feb. 2.

"My entire first trimester, I was like, Nick. I will never do this again, like this will be your one child unless we go surrogacy because I will never go through this. It was that bad," Joy admits in the episode.

"Second trimester, blissful, beautiful. I loved it. It was amazing. Third trimester, very just large and uncomfortable and I started getting a lot of fluid."

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Joy notes that as she got farther along, her fluid stayed high and her daughter was in breech. She was told they had to manually turn her daughter, however, she later discovered that her daughter had turned on her own.

"But with the help of Nick and myself and my doctor, we all decided that an induction was the best route. And so I got induced at 38 weeks and 5 days," Joy says.

The couple was told that an induction normally takes about 24 hours, so the two had one final meal together and headed to the hospital. When they got there, Joy was induced, which she says was "extremely painful" but worked.

Afterward, Joy says she needed the epidural "immediately."

"Of course, as soon as I ask for the epidural, the anesthesiologist [is like] backed up, like three other moms have just asked," Joy shares.

Viall jumps in to say that the two were told that Joy would have "more control during childbirth with someone who is on an epidural," as Joy also shares she had a fear of tearing during birth.

Once Joy got the epidural, it took a while for her to dilate enough to give birth. "It was this very, like, draining feeling. Because you're so exhausted, you feel like you've been there for so long, and you feel like from four to ten [centimeters], you've got a long f------ way to go."

Her baby was also still twisted, which meant that Joy had to do "swinging baby positions."

"Basically it was like, I had this big peanut ball between my knees and I was laying in the bed and I'd like have one leg back here and one leg up here," she says. "They were doing everything they could to open up my pelvis and get her to turn face down."

Finally, Joy dilated to ten centimeters and she was told she was ready to give birth. "We all just start sobbing," the new mom remembers.

Joy's daughter crowned in less than 30 minutes and in three pushes after that, her daughter was born.

"Once I started the pushing process, like it was truly a breeze. I would delivery a baby a hundred times over," Joy says. "It's really the pregnancy, the nine months, that was harder on me."

"It was crazy," Viall remembers. "I honestly was like, 'Wow, she's really good looking because I was like, I didn't really know what to expect. But she came out skin to skin right away with Natalie. I kind of stuck my hand, my finger and she grabbed it."

Earlier this month, the couple shared that they welcomed their daughter by posting a photo on Instagram.

"River Rose Viall 🤍 2-2-2024 named after Natalie’s great grandmother and niece…the best part of life starts now 🦢🕊️☁️💗," the couple wrote in their joint caption.

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