Nick Offerman guest-stars as both Will and Grace's lover

Nick Offerman guest starred on Will and Grace as a bisexual bread maker named Jackson Boudreaux. And apparently Jackson's sexuality was so fluid, the two best friends never even realized they were sharing the same baguette.

After spending the evening in romantic embrace with Grace, Jackson spent the following night in romantic embrace with Will. The two best friends found out in the morning when Jackson appeared and asked, "Were you not aware that I was sleeping with both of you?"

Despite their shock, both Will and Grace wanted to pursue a relationship with Jackson. But when he invited them both over to his loft for simultaneous coitus, they got cold feet.

While the two friends were disappointed in the outcome, Jack was thrilled when he found out. He de declared that Will and Grace are now "Eskimo Sisters." Which according to, Eskimo Sisters are defined as "Two women who have slept with the same man in their past."