Stunning garage door artwork hails NHS staff as 'the real superheroes'

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Paramedic Aaron Duncan and technician Kim Haynes look at the artwork paying tribute to NHS workers on Craig Perkins's garage door. (SWNS)

The work of NHS staff on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis has been honoured in a stunning mural showing superheroes bowing down to medics.

Dad-of-two Craig Perkins, 40, had the colourful design spray-painted onto his garage so he could pay tribute to the nation's health workers as they battle COVID-19.

The eye-catching image shows comic book heroes such as Superman, Spider-Man and Batman bowing their heads as medics in scrubs walk down a hospital corridor. 

Perkins said paramedics have been posing alongside the mural since he had it permanently plastered across his 8ft by 7ft garage door in Solihull, West Mids.

The eye-catching image shows comic book heroes such as Superman, Spider-Man and Batman bowing their heads. (SWNS)

He said: “Obviously everybody has got a lot of respect for the NHS and all the key workers for what they’re doing at the present time. It is a general thank-you to them.

"Nobody in my family has been directly affected by coronavirus, but I’ve got friends working in care homes and my mum used to work in a hospital.

"I just wanted to do something to pay tribute to our health workers, who are doing an incredible job in unimaginable circumstances. We should be proud of them."

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Perkins, who owns a foundry company, paid £500 to have the large vinyl wrap print stuck to his garage door after he found the striking design online.

He doesn’t know who created the artwork – which also features the Incredible Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man – and is now on a mission to find its mystery maker.

Perkins added: “Everybody loves the picture so I think they would like to know the person behind it and say thank you on behalf of everybody really for putting it out there.

The NHS mural has been popular with passers-by. (SWNS)

“If it was my artwork I would be proud of it but mine would be more like a stick drawing.

"My friend sent it me on Facebook and I thought this was a picture that says it all about the heroes in the NHS.”

The mural has become something of a local landmark, with neighbours, passers-by and medics regularly stopping to take photos.

Perkins said: "As soon I had it fitted, there was an ambulance on the green where we live. The timing was incredible.

"The paramedics came past our place and asked if they could take photos of it.

"I was at work but when I got home, there was another ambulance there and those paramedics also had a photo taken with it.

"If it makes them realise what a good job we all think they are doing, then it has been money well spent. They deserve some recognition."

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