Ngozi Fulani says racism she experienced from Lady Hussey was ‘abuse’

Domestic abuse campaigner Ngozi Fulani has claimed that the racist interaction between royal aide Lady Susan Hussey and her was a “form of abuse”.

The Black charity founder told broadcasters on Thursday morning (1 December) that that while the Prince of Wales’ godmother did not carry out any “physical violence”, her actions constitute “an abuse”.

It comes after the late Queen Elizabeth’s 83-year-old lady-in-waiting repeatedly asked Fulani where she “really came from” during a royal reception about domestic abuse at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday (29 November).

Fulani revealed in a Twitter thread that Lady Hussey “relentlessly” asked her what her nationality was and where her “people” came from at the reception hosted by Camilla, Queen Consort.

She also said that Lady Hussey touched her hair when she moved her dreadlocks aside to see her name badge.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1’s Today programme, the charity boss said: “If you invite people to an event, as I said, against domestic abuse, and there are people there from different demographics, I don’t see the relevance of whether I’m British or not British. You’re trying to make me unwelcome in my own space.

“Although it’s not a physical violence, it is an abuse,” she added.

In a separate interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Fulani said neither she nor Sistah Space were contacted by Buckingham Palace regarding the incident.

The Royal family has been criticised in the past for its approach to diversity (PA)
The Royal family has been criticised in the past for its approach to diversity (PA)

She added that the focus should remain on victims of domestic abuse, adding: “We just want to bring it back to the 16 days of activism.

“This is about violence against women and girls, and although I didn’t experience physical violence, what I feel I experienced was a form of abuse.”

However, if she were to receive an invitation from Prince William to attend the palace and discuss the incident, Fulani said she would accept it.

“See, what we’re about is positive results, so absolutely, I think a discussion should be held,” she said.

Lady Hussey resigned from her honorary role over the incident and expressed her “profound apologies for the hurt caused” in a statement.

William, who is currently in Boston with the Princess of Wales for the Earthshot Prize awards ceremony, also released a statement declaring that “racism has no place in society”.

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