NFL Week 8 Picks: Thursday night football pits old against new

Tom Brady takes his Buccaneers to Baltimore on Thursday night, where the veteran quarterback will face off with Lamar Jackson and the AFC North leading Ravens.

Video Transcript

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Games I am watching for week eight, let's get into it. And there's gonna be a theme here. Let's see if y'all can catch the theme. I'll let you know towards the end. First, is a Green Bay Packers versus Buffalo Bills. And look, I fully expect-- and I think we all fully expect for this thing to be a slaughter for Buffalo Bills to go out here and just bully the Green Bay Packers, just like they bully everybody else, man.

But you know, football is a weird lady. And every now and then Aaron Rodgers could, you know, tap into that thing that he does. And even though the Packers aren't playing great right now, maybe the competitive nature in them can find some type of thing to where he can make this a fight versus the Buffalo Bills.

Will that happen? I don't think so. Will it be fun? For sure. But if I had to pick a winner, I'm picking the Buffalo Bills to just ravish the Green Bay Packers. There's nothing that Aaron Rodgers will be able to do about it.

Let's go Baltimore Ravens versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is mostly going to be a Tom Brady versus Ravens defense, which is a pretty solid matchup. But then it's Lamar Jackson versus the Buccaneers defense, which is another solid matchup.

Both of these matchups really favor the Buccaneers in a weird matchup kind of way. But I just think that Lamar Jackson is gonna find a way to pull it out. I'm not rooting for any one of these guys in particular. I would love for the Ravens to win because I'm a biased Cowboy fan and I need to-- you know, I need my team to, you know, continue to build that lead in the NFC so there is no more contenders at the end of the year. I'm gonna go with the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar Jackson is going to get it done.

And last but not least, the Giants versus Seahawks, man. Both of these teams are so interesting because they're not teams that I would consider to be the superpowers of their division. You know what I mean? I mean, if you look at the Giants, the superpowers there would be the Eagles.

I say that humbly, respectfully, and not even meaning it for real, for real. And then there's the Cowboys with Dak Prescott coming back. They're gonna get in midseason form in no time. So honestly, even though the Giants are the second place team, I don't see them as the big dogs in that way. But they only lost one game. It is what it is.

Then the Seattle Seahawks, you know, the wreckage that they have to go through, whether it be the Cardinals, the 49ers, the whole NFC West. It's a long conversation when we talk about that division. But whichever one of these teams win, they get to keep a little bit of, you know, standing in that division. But if they lose, they tend to fall below a couple of teams there. So that should be a very interesting match. I'll watch both of those teams until they end up all the way off the rails.

But if I had to pick a winner, I'm going to pick the Giants until they lose, all right? And every-- and look, every week, games I'm watching, I'm gonna keep picking the Giants until they lose, man. So we're gonna watch the Giants and I'm gonna pick them.

And the theme is old man quarterbacks versus these younger quarterbacks. We don't even consider Geno Smith to be an old man quarterback, for real, for real because we just haven't heard of him very much. But he's 32. And 32 is old, too.