NFL playoff picture: NFC will be a wild race to the finish

The NFC is surprisingly more competitive than the AFC this year, in particular the East division, which could potentially see all four teams qualify for the NFL playoffs.

Video Transcript

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Now, this is where things get a little weird where we start to break down the NFC, right? And everybody's common thought would be that the AFC would be much, much more talented than the NFC. Well, we're talking about playoffs, we're talking about great teams, we're talking about teams winning at the halfway mark. It looks pretty close here. As I look at the AFC, there are 9 4-win teams, with the Bengals being the last one. And on the NFC side, there are eight 4-win teams. So it's still relatively close. But if you look at the NFC side, I mean, you've got a couple more 6-win teams. You've got a 7-win team up there, Seattle's at 5.

So we'll have that this conversation real fast, right? It feels like the AFC is much more talented, but it feels like-- I'm just saying what it feels like. It just feels like the NFC is a little more competitive, right? Or just the teams on the NFC side are going to be better than some of the teams on the AFC side, excluding Chiefs and Bills, right? Chiefs and Bills makes this thing weird. But if you take away Chiefs and Bills from the AFC, NFC seems to have the better teams here. If the season ended today, the San Francisco 49ers who are 4 and 4 would be the last playoff team. That's the last team before all the other teams start to fight for them. Write that down. That will be on the test. We will be revisiting that, OK?

As a Cowboy fan, let's talk about my beloved NFC East. I don't think I'm being hyperbolic when I say this. I love that word, if y'all hadn't noticed. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say the Cowboys might be the best team in the conference. Not the best team in the division or the NFC East, I think they're the best team in the conference. That could be my bias, but just kind of hear me out a little bit. Now just sure, put down Voch's bias. Fine, whatever. The Eagles are currently sitting at 7 and 0. And look, congratulations to the Eagles. They are sitting at 7 and 0. But those same undefeated Eagles, they played against the Cowboys at their house and they had a very, very, very close fight with Cooper Rush, right?

We know what this Dallas defense is. We know how top tier this Dallas Cowboys defense is, and the Dallas Cowboys have won the majority of these games without one Dak Prescott. Now, we saw Dak Prescott just obliterate the Chicago Bears last weekend. Listen, you can say it's the Chicago Bears, but that's still a good passing defense, and that is still 49 points on the team that nobody else has put 49 points on, right? I think this elite defense from the Cowboys, plus the idea that Dak Prescott comes back and lead this offense, I don't think it's weird to think that the Cowboys could be the better team. Just slightly, right?

I don't want to hate on the Eagles or whatever, right? The Eagles have done great things. But I think the Cowboys may be slightly a little better. But that's the conversation that we're having here, right? The Giants who unfathomably, I don't know if I'm saying that word right. It's fathom, and I can't fathom it. Unfathomably are 6 and 2. And they are third place in the NFC East. Let me take a look at the big standings here. The Giants are number sixth in the overall playoffs, right? But that's going to get moved around, like they're six in the playoffs because they're third place in the East. But if we're just talking about 6-win teams, they would be the third 6-win team and they would be the fourth team all together, right? Besides the Vikings and the other three NFC East teams, right?

I'm not calling the NFC East a super power. I'm not ready to say that just yet, because you're going to hear me say this a lot about this conference in particular. Can they sustain it? I'm going to say that a couple of more times. Can they sustain it? The Giants are 6 and 2, but I don't think they can keep that going. Like, Brian Daboll got to be coach of the year at this point and Saquon's legs have got to be exhausted for carrying this team. But if they keep winning, then what else can we say to them? And the Giants schedule is as easy as the Cowboys and the Eagles is.

So we'll see. We'll see what happens. But if you see the Giants in the playoffs, I would love to see them. The Washington Football Commanders there, I'm going to call them the Wizards. The Washington Football Wizards there are 4 and 4. Remember that number I told you, the 49ers, who was the last playoff team, is also 4 and 4. I don't think by the rules, we're allowed to have a whole division in the playoffs like that. But if the Washington Football Wizards are the last team to be there, and I don't know, maybe I should look that rule up. We're going to come back and talk about that next week if that's actually a rule with these new playoffs where we're adding this seventh team.

Can we fit four? Can we fit a whole conference into the playoffs? That's interesting. Speaking of 49ers, as we move on to the NFC West right here, do I think that the Seattle Seahawks can sustain their winning ways? I absolutely think so. Why? Because I think the Rams and the Cardinals are pretty bad, and they're going to play them a little bit more than the other teams on their conference aren't going to be as good. And then just being honest, I'm just looking at the Seahawks, I got a chance to watch them like, really close. Geno is not as bad as we think he is, right? Kenneth Walker is going to be running the ball there. They still got a DK Metcalf and an a Tyler Lockett. They're going to be opportunistic on defense. Man, the Seattle Seahawks not bad. It's just that I don't think that they're like that that great.

But once we get to the playoffs, none of that matters. But they're number one in the West. The 49ers are 4 and 4 and the Rams are 3 and 4. Go back to that 4 and 4 there. The Rams could easily find themselves into the playoffs. I don't think the Lions or the Bears are going to be into the playoffs, and it's going to be a question mark if the Packers can even make it. So the NFC North, I ain't got to talk about y'all very long. And I can keep waving my stink face nose at the NFC South. The Falcons are 4 and 4 at the top of the division. Remember that number, 4 and 4, the Falcons. But that's the division leader, right? But the Falcons are one loss away. Last week, they're one loss away from the Panthers being the number one team in the division. And Tom Brady is going through some stuff. And the Saints got Andy Dalton. That's your NFC.