NFL Network lists Top 100 players; you'll never guess who ranked No. 1

This guy is a pretty decent quarterback. (AP)

Football is a year-round sport, but during the seven months we’re not actually seeing games, the “sport” comes from talking about the games: games gone by, games to come, games that don’t even exist. Which brings us to the NFL Network’s Top 100: a ranking of the allegedly “best” players in the NFL, as voted on by the players, that’s good for discussion and dissection. It’s a fine way of keeping our football-debate muscles in game shape over the offseason.

Your winner? Come on, you already know. Five-Time himself, Tom Brady, won the No. 1 ranking, the first two-time winner since this whole endeavor began. Brady won the first No. 1 ranking in 2011, followed by Aaron Rodgers (2012), Adrian Peterson (2013), Peyton Manning (2014), J.J. Watt (2015) and Cam Newton (2016). Astute football fans will note that this appears to be a reward for past performance rather than future potential, and several of these players dropped off rather significantly following their ascension to the top spot.

Here’s the remainder of the top 10:
2. Von Miller
3. Julio Jones
4. Antonio Brown
5. Khalil Mack
6. Aaron Rodgers
7. Ezekiel Elliott
8. Odell Beckham Jr.
9. Le’Veon Bell
10. Matt Ryan

Straight up: if you don’t have at least one of those players on your fantasy team this year, you’re probably screwed. A few points worth noting: Jones edges Brown and Beckham as the league’s premier receiver. Elliott and Beckham appear to have gotten quite the popularity bump. And reigning NFL MVP Matt Ryan at No. 10? Hmm.

That last point brought out plenty of Falcons in support of Ryan:

Oakland Raider QB Derek Carr congratulated his fifth-ranked teammate:

Brady was one of six Patriots on the list. The Seattle Seahawks led the way with eight, followed by the Dallas Cowboys with seven. Three teams didn’t feature a single soul.

The games are coming soon, friends. Hang in there.

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