NFL Network analyst’s videos shows how Titans disrupted Kansas City Chiefs’ offense

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The Chiefs were held to 67 yards and four first downs as they fell behind by 27 points in the first half of Sunday’s loss to the Titans in Nashville.

Things were a little better in the second half but not much as the Chiefs lost 27-3.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes didn’t throw a touchdown pass for the first time since 2019 and Tyreek Hill was held to 49 receiving yards, while tight end Travis Kelce had seven receptions for 65 yards.

So what did the Titans do to slow the Chiefs’ offense?

Brian Baldinger of the NFL Network shared his thoughts in a “Baldy’s Breakdowns” Twitter video. Using one play as an example, Baldinger showed how the Titans played the two-deep safety look the Chiefs have faced often this season.

Tennessee’s pass rush was disruptive, Baldinger noted, and the Titans also made sure Kelce was closely defended.

“Take a look at this Titans defense on third-and-9 opening drive. There’s (Kevin) Byard right there, he’s going back to his safety position. Two deep, man under. There they are. Now Bud Dupree comes in as a steady pass rusher on third downs. So he comes in. Denico Autry up at the top. Mahomes right here is at the top of his drop. He wants to step and throw, but right there, they’re not letting Kelce off the line of scrimmage. And then Bud Dupree gets there, gets the ball out.

“But the key here is Dane Cruikshank. No. 29 in the left of your picture. ... He’s jamming Kelce off the line of scrimmage. Mahomes is looking right at him, that’s his target, that’s where he wants to go with the ball. But (Titans coach Mike) Vrabel knows going back to his New England days, don’t let these tight ends get free releases. Now he’s got to hitch, he can’t get it to his tight end. And as he hitches, here comes Bud Dupree. That’s just great defense.. It’s everybody doing their job. “

Here is the video from Baldinger:

This clip shows the tight defense the Chiefs receivers faced Sunday, especially Kelce. Even when the pocket was good, Mahomes had nowhere to throw the ball.

In this instance, Mahomes took off running for a nice gain, but the Titans forced a fumble:

In a third video, Baldinger shows how Mahomes struggled on nearly every pass attempt as he was rushed to throw and often had receivers closely defended.

“This is complete and utter domination by Tennessee,” Baldinger said.

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