Newsom tackles rising gas prices, but will he win? + Donald Trump is coming to Nevada

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday took a break from signing and vetoing bills to announce new efforts to get the state’s skyrocketing gas prices under control.

One such proposal: A windfall tax on oil companies to fund rebates to California taxpayers.

Sound familiar? It should. Earlier this year, Assemblyman Alex Lee, D-San Jose, proposed a windfall tax on California refineries — and he gutted and amended Rocklin Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley’s gas tax suspension bill to do it.

That measure went nowhere. But with Newsom’s power behind it? Expect a windfall tax to be a hot topic next legislative session.

Especially since both Senate President pro Tem Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood, are open to the discussion.

“A windfall profits tax that takes excessive profits out of the hands of Wall Street and puts money into the hands of consumers deserves strong consideration by the Legislature. We look forward to reviewing the details of the governor’s proposal,” the legislative leaders said in a joint statement.

Newsom also directed the California Air Resources Board to “take whatever steps are necessary” for refineries to begin making and distributing their “winter blend” of gasoline, which is easier to produce and thus cheaper for consumers.

“In light of the dramatic increase in gas prices that California is experiencing, we should not wait until the end of the month to start distributing or to ramp up production of our winter-blend gasoline. Allowing refiners to make an early transition to winter-blend gasoline could quickly increase fuel supply and provide a much needed safety valve with minimal air quality impacts,” Newsom said in a letter to CARB.

His Republican gubernatorial opponent, Sen. Brian Dahle, R-Bieber, was unimpressed, calling it “another band-aid approach from the governor,” in a tweet.

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher, R-Yuba City, tweeted that Newsom “just doesn’t get it.”

“Every other state is seeing relief from high gas prices. The problem in CA is policy. We need major action, starting w/ suspending the taxes & fees that make our gas so much more expensive, adding approx $1.80 to a gallon!” Gallagher wrote in the tweet.


In a move to energize Nevada Republicans, who could play a major role in handing control of the U.S. Senate to the GOP, former President Donald Trump is paying a visit.

Trump, who has strongly hinted that he is going to run in 2024, is set to hold a rally Oct. 8 at the Minden-Tahoe Airport alongside Republican Senate candidate Adam Laxalt and gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo, according to a report from the Nevada Independent.

That’s about 150 miles from Sacramento. What are the chances we see some California Republicans at the rally?


“Veto overrides should be a thing, even with a Dem Governor.”

- Assemblyman Alex Lee, D-San Jose, via Twitter.

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