NewsNation Reporter Helps Florida Man Rescue Dog, Cat From Docked Boat as Ian Slams Harbor (Video)

NewsNation correspondent Brian Entin helped rescue a dog and cat in the middle of his coverage on Hurricane Ian, as the storm hit a Florida harbor.

Entin tweeted a video of the animal rescue, in which a Florida man waded through wind-blown waters to grab the dog from a sailboat, leading her to Entin, who then put her in the trunk of a white SUV.

According to Entin, the man who rescued the dog went back for a cat stranded in the storm, as well. Watch the video from Wednesday here or at the top of this post.

Entin posted a selfie with the dog Thursday, tweeting that she is doing well.

NewsNation’s brief writeup of the rescue located the correspondent in Fort Myers. Hurricane Ian made landfall yesterday on the southwest coast of the state at 3:05p.m. Eastern time.

“It’s a totally different situation now along the water. Many of the sailboats are on their sides … the masts have snapped,” Entin said. “It’s just terrible what’s happening down here.”

Reporting from Entin revealed that many residents of the Fort Myers area thought Hurricane Ian was going to be a Tampa Storm. The Category 4 hurricane left more than 1.6 million households without power Wednesday night according to

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Since then, more outages have been reported in the nort central parts of the state as the hurricane’s center makes its way toward Orlando in the northeast.

Flooding, rapid force winds and varying degrees of destruction have been caught on camera by CNN, The Weather Channel and other national and local outlets – not to mention firsthand accounts shared across Twitter.

According to The Miami Herald, nearly 2.5 million people in the evacuation zones along the hurricane’s path have evacuated, but at least 31 people on an unidentified barrier island in Charlotte County have remained to shelter in place.

Other news stations have pointed to lighthearted takes on the situation, comparing light flashes to the arrival of the transformers, checking The Waffle House index (whether the breakfast chain remains open indicates where evacuations are most dire) and more.

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