NewsNation Promo Takes Aim at CNN: ‘Psst… Cover the News’ (Video)

NewsNation has bashed CNN in a new promo, noting that the network shouldn’t call itself the “most trusted name in news” if not covering all sides of a story on-air.

“Psst…Hey, CNN,” the promo began, immediately singling out the network. “If you want to call yourself the most trusted name in news…here’s an idea. Cover the news.”

The promo showed a clip of CNN in which anchor Jake Tapper noted they would not be carrying a Trump event live due to the controversial nature of the former president.

As of late, CNN has been cautious about showing footage of Trump on-air in an effort to curb the amount of misinformation spreading through his comments.

“Some of our competitors,” said NewsNation host Leland Vittert in the promo, “including CNN, have decided not to take these remarks” live.

The promo continued, “If you want to be the most trusted name in news… you have to have the most trusted names in news.”

The promo then went back to Vittert expressing his appreciation for being able to “cover all sides,” of a story for NewsNation.

“We believe you that you are smart enough to decide for yourself,” Vittert continued.

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo is now a primetime anchor for NewsNation after his 2021 ouster from CNN. Cuomo’s departure from CNN was related to his involvement in advising his brother Andrew Cuomo, the former New York governor, through a controversial sexual abuse scandal. When he began his role at NewsNation, Cuomo promised viewers to be more “transparent,” and expose political “division” on issues going forward.

“See why NewsNation is truly news for all America,” the promo concluded.

In April, NewsNation expanded to a 24-hour schedule Monday through Friday, bolstering their coverage further.

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