The 'Fault in Our Stars' Cast Give Tips on How to Prep for Bawling in the Theater

The highly anticipated movie adaptation of  The Fault in Our Stars finally opens on June 6, and fans have two very big and pressing questions:

 1. Will the movie do justice to their favorite book?

2. And if so, exactly how many packages of Kleenex are they going to need to stuff into their pockets to make it through the movie?

Such are the conundrums of a true Fault fan: How to properly prepare yourself for an evening of entertainment that is going to leave you a blubbery mess? Other than tissues, what should your TFIOS survival kit contain? To help determine what it’s going to take to make it through this emotional cinematic event, we asked a trio of people who would know: The cast of the movie itself. Watch above as Shailene Woodley (Hazel Grace), Ansel Elgort (Augustus) and Nat Wolff (Isaac) thoughtfully get you set up to emerge from the two-hour experience without needing to be dragged out of your seat by ushers in tear-proof uniforms.