Texas has nude beaches, but know the rules before stripping down to your birthday suit

As the days keep getting hotter in Texas amid another heatwave, the temptation to shed your clothes to cool off is great.

While sunbathing naked or skinny dipping in a backyard pool is mostly legal, getting a complaint depends on your neighbors and how they feel about nudity. Another option available is to visit a nude beach where other Texans go to strip down to their birthday suit.

But are nude beaches legal in Texas? Here’s what we know:

Are nude beaches legal in Texas?

Yes, there are a few nude beaches in Texas where its legal to visit in the buff.

Texas indecent exposure law states that a person commits an offense if they expose their genitals with the intent of sexually arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of another person. Nude beaches in Texas circumvent this law by telling visitors they are entering a nude beach. If the beach specifically explains that there will be naked people around, then the intent to arouse vanishes, according to Fulgham Law Firm.

If the beach displays its nudity policies up front it isn’t considered indecent exposure.

In Texas, know the rules at nude beaches

If you do visit a nude beach, here are some unwritten rules to consider, according to thesologlobetrotter.com:

  • Before taking off your clothes, make sure you can do so and have reached the clothing-optional sections.

  • Respect others on the beach.

  • Do not hit on others on the beach for dates.

  • Do not engage in sexual activity or make sexual advances.

  • Do not take pictures.

  • If a newbie, find something to distract you such as reading a book or listening to music to blend in.

  • Keep your distance.

  • Carry a towel.

How many nude beaches are in Texas?

There’s at least half a dozen nude beaches in the Lone Star State:

  • Hippie Hollow Park The Lake Travis park has long been clothes-free. Located at 7000 Comanche Trail, Austin.

  • UFO Beach — The beach gets its name after an emergency evacuation pod that washed up on shore and now proudly has “nude beach” plastered on it. Located on the shores of South Padre Island.

  • Emerald Lake Resort — This park is a nudist resort complete with camping areas, lake and driving range. Located at 23198 TX-494 Loop, Porter.

  • Barton Springs Pool Beach — While not a traditional top-to-bottom nude venue, beachgoers are known to go topless here. Located at 2201 Barton Springs Road, Austin.

  • Bolivar/McFaddin Nude Beach — Only a deserted strip of this south Texas beach coast is designated for nudity. Located just east of the city of High Island.

  • Padre Island National Seashore — In the heart of Padre Island is this clothing-optional beach destination.