Robert Pattinson Eyes Future James Bond Role

There could be a new cold-blooded young buck waiting in the wings to play 007 if and when Daniel Craig is over his stint in the role. Heartthrob Robert Pattinson is eyeing the future post-Twilight and has dabbled recently with roles in Bel Ami (which didn't do so spectacularly at the box office) and Cosmopolis which opens in the U.S. next month, but failed to whip up a frenzy in Canada where it opened last month. Still, the dashing actor packs some fan-base mojo and James Bond could be a place down the line and the actor has taken a peek.

He told British paper The Sun that he'd like to play the character that the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore and Sean Connery have traversed before, though he said he'd have to wait until he's in his 40s.

"Yeah, I'd definitely like to go for Bond, but in more like 20 years," said 26 year-old Pattinson. "There'd be nothing worse than, like, 'let's get a fresh-faced Bond.' That would be the worst idea in the world. It would be ridiculous to reinvent it as some young posh kid."

He paid tribute to the current reigning Bond, noting, "After Daniel Craig, you have to have some baggage. I'd have to be tortured in the first few scenes. I'd have to do the first film with one arm or something."

Apparently, the actor is even looking to do a series of Bonds… But with two decades to go, Pattinson will have time to get into 007 shape, which he admitted is not quite up to par (though his loyal fans may disagree). "I've got to make up for 10 years of living like a degenerate. I've suddenly become conscious of being unhealthy," he said. "You've spent every bit of free time since the age of 15 in a pub. And suddenly you're like, 'Oh God, I don't want to be this grey ghost sitting there with a pot belly.' I've got to get it together."

[Source: The Sun]

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