Kim Jong Il's Death: 5 Memorable Parodies of the North Korean Dictator (Video)

Kim Jong Il's Death: 5 Memorable Parodies of the North Korean Dictator (Video)

Kim Jong Il, North Korea's mercurial and enigmatic leader and dedicated film fan, died Saturday at 69 or 70, due to conflicting birth records.

Kim's death was announced Monday by state television from Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, as North Korea is officially known.

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Kim was a well-known cinema fan with a reported collection of 10,000 films from all languages and origins, including Hollywood. In 1973 he wrote his own guide to movie-making, On the Art of the Cinema.

STORY: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dies

But he's also been the object of many a parody in Hollywood, from Team America: World Police to 30 Rock. Here are five memorable spoofs of the late North Korean dictator:

Team America: World Police
South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone took on Kim in Team America: World Police, their 2004 movie starring marionettes. In this scene, he sings the balled "I'm So Ronery." It includes such lyrics as “Sitting on my rittle throne / I work rearry hard and make up great prans / But nobody ristens, no one understands / Seems like no one takes me serirousry."

Sprite Ad
The soft drink brand released this clip in Israel earlier this year. Titled "Sprite Revolution," it features a Kim-like dictator drinking the soda as members of his military parade in front of him and then screaming "Can you feel it?" before busting out some dance moves.

Margaret Cho on 30 Rock
In the NBC comedy's fifth season, network executive Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) finds out that his romantic interest-turned-wife, TV journalist Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks), had been captured by the North Korean government and was forced to work for the "American News Channel USA," which featured Kim (Margaret Cho) as weatherman "Johnny Mountain" (which also, incidentally, is the name of a retired L.A. weatherman who previously worked at KCBS and KABC).

The Kim Jong Il Show on MadTV
The dictator got his own show thanks to Fox's now-canceled Saturday night sketch-comedy show MadTV. The Kim Jong Il Show was part of TGIM (Thank God It's Mandatory) on North Korean TV, and Kim (played by Bobby Lee) would shoot audience members who didn't find him funny. In this clip, Donald Trump (Frank Caliendo) appears as a guest.

E-Harmony Ad
The matchmaking website released a commercial in which Kim has seemingly found his perfect match. While the cameras are rolling, the "finish[ing] each other's sentences," he says. But "outtakes" from the commercial then reveal him to be highly critical of his love, whom he then has shot.

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