Glenn Beck Relaunching TheBlaze as a Global Libertarian News Network

Glenn Beck plans to relaunch his media company TheBlaze as a libertarian news network, opening three foreign bureaus and relocating to bigger offices in New York City, he said on Tuesday.

The former Fox News host-turned-media entrepreneur announced the shift in his company's focus on his online television program. He said TheBlaze's refined political stance can fill the vacuum left by cable news networks' "far right [and] far left" polarity, according to a broadcast of the show on TheBlaze's paywalled subscription site.

"We're not going to play in that crazy space as a network," he said, standing between a split screen playing clips of MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Fox News's Sean Hannity. "I consider myself a libertarian."

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Over the next two months, TheBlaze will open bureaus in three foreign cities that are "important to America," though Beck did not identify their locations.

TheBlaze did not immediately respond to emailed requests from TheWrap for comment.

He said he will also debut a 30-minute nightly newsmagazine show called "For the Record," which he said would be his own version of ABC's "Nightline."

He said the show would be the "most expensive show on the network, including mine."

Beck also said he plans to hire investigative journalists and produce documentaries for the network, which the Dish network announced it would carry last September.

"We are currently looking for our own Woodwards and Bernsteins," he said. "Maybe they don't exist anymore, and -- if that's the case -- I don't really care. We'll grow our own."

In July, Beck consolidated his then-three disparate media properties under the name TheBlaze, combining his subscription online TV service GBTV, small business sales network Marketplace and his Huffington Post-style news site,

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