Who will make news in Kentucky in 2024? Nominate 20 people to watch in the new year

In my first two months here at the Herald-Leader, one thing has been abundantly clear: There are some amazing individuals who live, work, lead, entertain, invent and inspire all across Lexington and Central Kentucky.

In early 2024, we want to celebrate them.

But first, I’m asking for your help.

In early January, we are publishing a special report on “20 People to Watch in 2024.” It’s a series of profiles that spotlight those who we believe will be making a difference in the new year and, along the way, will likely find themselves in our headlines.

It’s not a popularity contest. Our staff has been gathering names, and we soon will be reviewing the list and winnowing it down.

I promise there will be plenty of names who may be new to you. That’s what I’ve learned about the Greater Lexington area since my September arrival: There are countless individuals who are doing great things in so many places, but too often, they don’t earn the attention they deserve.

We aim to fix that.

So, here’s where you come in. Please nominate an individual who you believe our community needs to be watching in 2024.

They can be a business owner, a neighborhood activist, a high-achieving student or an up-and-coming entrepreneur. We’re looking for the politician, entertainer, religious leader, athlete, environmentalist, professor, CEO, small business owner, developer, defender of civil rights or philanthropist whose efforts deserve recognition.

There are no specific categories, and there are no hard-and-fast rules other than our final list will be a fascinating and diverse cross-section of people of all ages, occupations and interests.

I anticipate many of our people to watch will be from the greater Lexington community. But obviously, there are some whose impact and commitment to service will resonate across the commonwealth. Don’t put geographical boundaries on your nominations, please.

Just drop me a note at and tell me who you think we should be watching in ‘24 and why. What difference are they making in this special corner of the country? How will their contributions be impossible to ignore in the new year? I promise our editors will give your nomination a thorough review.

I’ve learned quite quickly it’s not the history, buildings, prominent institutions, universities or biggest employers that alone make Lexington such a special place. It’s about the people who call it home; who work, live, play and do amazing things on a daily basis — often away from the glare of the spotlight.

Help us celebrate them in 2024.

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season, and, as always, thanks for reading the Herald-Leader and

Richard A. Green is the new Herald-Leader executive editor.
Richard A. Green is the new Herald-Leader executive editor.

Richard A. Green is our executive editor. Email: Follow him on X: @EditorRAG