Newlywed Alex Drummond Shows Off Her 'Perfect' Bathroom Makeover, Using Mom Ree Drummond's Line

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Alex Drummond
Alex Drummond

Courtesy of Walmart; Inset: Alex Drummond/Instagram

Alex Drummond didn't have to look too far to find items to give her guest bathroom a refresh.

The newlywed daughter of Food Network star Ree Drummond redecorated her space using pieces from her mom's new bed and bath line at Walmart.

"It was super fun," Alex, 24, tells PEOPLE. "I feel like I always tried to find ways to incorporate her stuff into my home, so when she came out with her bathroom collection, I was like, 'Oh, this is perfect!' "

Back in May, Alex got married, tying the knot with husband Mauricio Scott. Since then, she's been making her house with Scott into a home, piece by piece.

She says she was excited about her mom's new accessories, which include colorful and stylish floral patterned shower curtains, bath rugs, towels, trash bins, and more.

"I thought it was really fun because bathrooms are typically a space that you don't really think, 'Oh, let's try to add some bright colors and fun patterns in here,' " Alex says. "They can be pretty plain at times, so I loved that my mom made these products that allow people to work more color and more fun into their spaces. That's definitely what I did with mine."

Decorating was easy, Alex says. "You can mix and match pieces to fit what you like. I did some patterns that are busier and some brighter colors, but then I tried to work in grays and more neutrals just to balance it out. She has pieces that fit everyone's taste."

Alex Drummond
Alex Drummond

Courtesy of Walmart

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Ree Drummond's bed and bath collection is an extension of her signature line at Walmart, which already includes items to brighten up everything from a kitchen or bare walls to a wardrobe.

Her bedding expansion introduces a variety of everyday necessities such as decorative pillows, cozy sheet sets, and 4-piece comforter sets.

"I've been incredibly excited to launch my bed and bath collection at Walmart!" Ree, 53, said in a statement. "My goal is to create a one-stop-shop for everything you need to make over your bedroom or bathroom, and I just love the variety of patterns and bright colors available in this line – there's something for everyone!"

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Ree Drummond, Alex Drummond Scott
Ree Drummond, Alex Drummond Scott

Alex Drummond Scott/Instagram

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Watching her mom build the line, as well as her Pioneer Woman empire, has been inspiring for Alex, she tells PEOPLE.

"I admire so much about her — mostly, just how true to herself she's remained through the evolution of her brand, her show, and everything," Alex says. "It's been such a whirlwind but she never got caught up in it all. She has really stayed grounded throughout it all and is so humble about everything"

In fact, Alex says her mom is so normal that she often overlooks her celebrity status. "Sometimes I'm just with her and forget she's even famous because she's such a normal mom — so weird, and goofy, and down to earth," Alex says. "To me, she is the same mom that she was before all of this craziness started, and she cares just as much about my graduation and my brother's sporting events as she does her Today show appearances and things like that."

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The two have even been working together, with Alex picking up the camera to film episodes of The Pioneer Woman for her mom from home.

"When the pandemic began, we kind of picked up our iPhones and decided to go for it," Alex recalls. "People are like, 'Have you gotten trained in videography and taken these courses?' and I'm like, 'Not really!' I feel like we've gotten better with the angles and knowing when to zoom in, but it's all very informal so we kind of just roll with it."

"It's been really fun working with her," Alex adds. "We've always had a good dynamic and really good relationship. We're also super similar, so we view things in similar ways. I've always gotten her love for bright colors and an eye for patterns so it's been really fun working with her on the product side of things too. I've honestly just learned so much from her."

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