Newly crowned Miss Teenage Markham committed to supporting youth well-being

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Aisha Sidhu is the 2022 title holder of Miss Teenage Markham and was chosen as one of the 40 Canada-wide delegates for the Miss Teenage Canada 2022 Pageant, which is scheduled to take place in Toronto on August 20th.

In September, Sidhu will be a Grade 12 student at Bill Hogarth Secondary School. Her favourite subjects at school are fitness and art, biology, drama, geography and English. Meanwhile, Sidhu is passionate about the physical and metal wellness of youth, which led her to facilitate yoga classes for fellow students in Grade 8.

“It was very well received by students and their parents,” she said, “and that gave a boost to my self-confidence.”

Sidhu is also a social media youth ambassador of Youth Speak Canada, which is a charity organization with a mission to create important conversations promoting well-being, compassion and hope by empowering youth to share personal stories and coping strategies through in-person and online presentations.

Recently, Sidhu has been involved in a lot of community events, such as reading to children at the Markham Village Library; forest bathing and learning about the tremendous benefit that has for the mind, body and soul; and attending a camp day at Tim Hortons to raise funds for youth from underserved communities and fire and safety event hosted by Starbucks Dension.

She says she gets all her strength and courage from her parents, strength that allows her to pursue her interests and goals and to reach her full potential.

“My mother has been my inspiration for mental wellness. She has guided me through COVID isolation, we both do yoga and meditation together and are part of a weekly chanting group, while my dad has been a role model for hard work and putting my best efforts into everything I do.”

Sidhu’s wide range of hobbies include dancing, swimming, exercising, meditating, baking and cooking wholesome nutritious dishes. “I share my love of nature with my parents, and we go on family hiking and bike-riding adventures throughout summer.”

In addition to caring for youth and serving the community, Sidhu has a dedicated interest in playing an active role in the political process.

With school counsellor Shealyn Dampf’s assistance, Sidhu got an opportunity to participate in the 2022 provincial elections as a youth volunteer for Markham-Stouffville Liberal candidate Kelly Dunn.

“I learned a lot about the community during the door-to-door canvassing and also learned that I love interacting with people and am a very good listener. It also gave me an opportunity to polish my leadership skills when I was asked to train the new volunteers.”

Through this experience, she realized how important it is for youth to be part of the process that determines the governing leaders, as this has an impact on everyone’s future. “We must be proactive in making our society better.”

As Miss Teenage Markham, Sidhu’s horizons are broadened each time she engages with the community.

“I am very grateful to be a national delegate finalist and title holder for Miss Teenage Markham 2022,” said Sidhu, who looks forward to showcasing her strengths and confidence and bringing home the Miss Teenage Canada 2022 title.

Scarlett Liu, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Economist & Sun