‘Never Have I Ever’ Showrunner Promises an ‘Epic Senior Year’ in Fourth and Final Season

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Spoiler alert: The following article discusses the “Never Have I Ever” Season 3 finale.

“Never Have I Ever” may have just debuted its third season on Friday, but for viewers who binged an entire junior year’s worth of episodes, Devi’s (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) romantic cliffhanger with Ben (Jaren Lewison) is just one of the developments necessitating answers and exploration in the final season. And showrunner Lang Fisher said when senior year rolls out, it will be “epic.”

Read on to find out more about Season 4.

Who is newcomer Michael Cimino (from “Love Victor”) playing in Season 4?

In July, it was announced that Michael Cimino would play Season 4’s new hottie, Ethan, who is described as a skater.

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Fisher, who is also co-creator and executive producer, told TheWrap Cimino will shake things up.

“He is a whole different kind of character. He’s like the opposite of Des,” Fisher said. “He is a true bad boy, like bad at school, kind of gets in trouble a lot.” (Anirudh Pisharody plays Nirdesh, “Des,” an Indian American teen from a private school and Devi’s love interest in Season 3.)

“He’s a thirst trap in a different way,” Fisher added of Ethan, with a laugh. “He’s someone who [Devi] thinks is a degenerate but can’t help but be like, ‘Well, he is incredibly hot.’”

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What else can viewers expect in Season 4?

“I think Eleanor just shoots for the stars, like there’s no going back,” Ramona Young told TheWrap about her character. “She just makes big swings, whether it’s in her love life or her passions. So senior year is going to be a really big year.”

Lee Rodriguez, who plays Fabiola, said her character should find less romantic upheaval.

“[In] Season 3, Fabiola’s just everywhere: she got out of a relationship, got into a new relationship and then got into another relationship, and so I feel like Season 4 she’s a little more steady, but it is fun to watch her go through all of these different changes,” Rodriguez said.

Finally, Fisher added that Season 4 is going to be a good time.

“Season 4 is so fun and great and is a real epic senior year,” she said. “Everybody gets to have a great send-off and has a great final season journey.”

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